Thursday, July 29, 2021

Day 48 - Maybe I should shave.

 Short entry today as there isn't much to say as we are Still. In. Aurora.  

After a spectacular thunder and lighting storm that would make the Imagine Dragons take notice, we woke up at 4:45 am to make sure we got Kyle and Casey to O'Hare on time.  I sure will miss those two.   Though certainly not what we had planned, I thoroughly enjoyed these past 6 days and appreciate them taking the time to join our journey.  A successful airport drop off complete, Cheryl and I immediately returned the truck without issue (BTW, we put 800 miles on the bad boy).  She didn't think I noticed, but I saw a few tears as we returned the keys of the monster truck.  Spirits were high as we drove the RV and watched the city of Aurora fade away in the rear view mirror.  And then about 60 miles out it happened..... the horror of the flashing check engine light.  I didn't need any help from Siri as I knew we needed to "take a U turn."

We called ahead to Coffman's and Jim the technician was waiting for us.  He found a bad ground connection to the pump and was confident that was the problem.  I mean, I already paid $1600 for a new fuel pump, but if a bad ground connection is the issue then cool.  We got 5 miles away and.... Check Engine.....Check Engine.....Check Engine..... What is happening???  All I can say is that Cheryl and I spent 8 hours in the waiting room of Coffman's Truck Sales drinking Folgers coffee and eating M&Ms and Hot Tamales.  It was painful.  The worst part about it is the uncertainty of it all.  Jeff the Service Manager told me they had even engaged GMC corporate for assistance.  Sheesh, are problem needs consultants!  Since I was bored to tears I did some internet research.  The new technician on the job, Brent, wasn't particularly happy when I walked into the service bay and said "did you do a camshaft variation relearn?" At 4:30 pm Jim suggested we make arrangements for a hotel.  He didn't particularly like my suggestion that we sleep in the RV in the shop.  I'm not making too many friends at Coffman Truck Sales.  

So here we are, back in Aurora, in a hotel, hoping for a solution to the P0300 error code on our motorhome engine. I can not believe tomorrow it will be a week since the problem was first discovered.  I'm not necessarily saying I'm superstitious, but I want everything in our favor so I decided to shave tonight to hopefully change our luck. We are ever optimistic that we will be back on the road (aerodynamic) riding toward Portland ME tomorrow.   

Until then....