The Route

Why 1000 miles?  Because it's a nice round number (simple minded, remember?)  I don't have a preference as to the final desination, I just didn't want to ride in a circle.  I wanted to be able to say I rode from point X to point Y.  Since my wife Cheryl has a sister in Folsom CA, I decided a ride to San Francisco would be a nice destination.  The perfect ending would be the clouds parting, the sun shining through as we ride across the Golden Gate Bridge (chior in the background of course) with the odometer clicking 1000!  As for the starting point, I originally thought Astoria and ride the coastal route, and even oreder the maps from  Adventure Cycling Association.  That changed as time went on for a variety of reasons, but the bottomline is that it made sense to leave from where my riding partner, Greg, lives in Kennewick WA.  So in a nutshell, we leave Kennewick July 7th 2013, ride to Sunriver, down to Crater Lake, over to the Redwoods and down the coast to San Francisco.  We plan on riding 70 miles a day which is about 2 weeks riding time with a few rest days built in so it shuld be 2 to 3 weeks.    

So if you want to see the final route (always subject to last minute changes based on traffic, points of interest, a good beer place or my mood):

Kennewick to Hermiston (27 miles, 1417 ft of climb)
Hermiston to Sunriver (248 miles, 15745 ft of climb)
Sunriver around Crater Lake (135 miles, 7746 ft of climb)
Crater Lake to Grants Pass (131 miles, 4209 ft of climb)
Grants Pass to Cresent City (76 miles, 2749 ft of climb)
Cresent City to San Francisco (389 miles, not calculated)

Total mileage - 1006 miles

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  1. Good luck on your trip, Chris and Greg! Vickiy and I are heading out this Friday, July 5, on our own road trip to San Francisco, but we planned it without the benefit of alcohol and are doing it by car. We are hoping Cheryl encourages the two of you to ride like the wind and get to San Francisco by July 16/17 where we can all get together to celebrate your successful ride. John VB.