Sunday, July 11, 2021

Day 30 - Small World

The RV is filled to the gills, laundry is caught up (fresh jersey!) and now it's time to continue East.  Next stop?  Webster SD.  It was a little shorter ride today, only about 52 miles.  The alternating biking conditions continues. Yesterday was tough, today was perfect. Weather conditions were great with medium temperatures and little wind. We were on HWY 12 the entire day and traffic was light and the shoulder was wide and in good condition.  Since I finished my cinnamon role yesterday I need an equivalent level of glucose overload.  We had a major impulse buy as we entered Walmart yesterday.  Yep packaged Krispy Kreme doughnuts!  A South Dakota staple.  So I downed a couple of these babies in the morning and it was look out South Dakota, aint no stopping me!

As I headed out of Aberdeen city limits I kept noticing nice classic cars driving on the road or on trailers.  My car show sensors were in full alarm, the only question was where is the car show?  Can it possibly be on our route?  As many of you know, I am a sucker for a good car show (actually ANY car show).   

Cheryl and I met at the 20 mile mark in Groton SD and I mentioned to Cheryl my classic car observations and sensor alarm so be on a look out for a sign or other indicator of where the show might be. We didn’t go but two blocks and saw a Summer Feast Car Show sign and an arrow pointing to the right. BOOM!  I need a bumper sticker “this bike stops at all car shows” because that's what we did, hard right to Groton City Park.  

I debated on whether to change my clothes since bike jersey and tights don't mix well with the high levels of testosterone and octane found at these shows but I decided against changing.  It was a very nice car show with some beautiful cars.  His and hers 1956 and 1957 Ford Fairlanes driven by Dean and Alice from Faulkton of all places (yes they knew Dave and Jim).  I also got a lesson on the 1956 T-Bird from Jerry.  I just love the stories these car owners have to tell.  As I was admiring an orange 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner I heard my name.  Chris?  Is that you?  I turned and saw a former coworker at Nike, Lisa Schelle.  "What the heck are you doing in South Dakota at the Groton car show?" was the first question we each asked.  Turns out Lisa grew up in Groton (not kidding) and her 6 siblings and families were having a family reunion.  "Your outfit caught my eye (shocker) then I recognized you."  We had a nice visit, exchanged hugs then it was time for me to get back on the road.  So nice, and unbelievable, to see Lisa here.  

As I mentioned above, the ride was fantastic.  Nice scenery, the longest train I've seen in a while (even got a wave and a honk from the conductor) and I noticed that Andover is having their annual Threshing Show September 11 & 12.  Surprisingly I don't remember seeing one of those advertised in Portland and I've never been to one.  If the schedule works maybe we can attend on the way back.

We decided to camp at a little RV park the city of Webster sponsors.  Electric power only with a central water station and dump but it is free for one night.  Perfect.  We've noticed that many small towns in South Dakota offer these, typically in the City Park.  This is our third one in a row.  We love them.  

It was early afternoon so we wanted to see what Webster (population ~1300) had to offer.  They have a museum (Webster Museum) comprised of 23 buildings, each with a different theme that shows/describes life in this area years ago.  Everything you can imagine.  It really is quite amazing.  Free admission which is insane.    We spent 2 hours there and gladly made a donation.  Highly recommended if you happened to be driving through Webster.  

An awesome dinner at The Galley Bar & Grill, watched the Bucks thump the Suns then it's time for bed.  A terrific day today.  We are over 1700 miles into this thing and will be in Minnesota tomorrow. Yes, Minnesota! Went all the way through South Dakota!

Until then.....


  1. A great ride day and a car show to boot. 328 million people in our country and you meet somebody you know. Amazing, isn't it.

    1. It really was amazing to see her. Groton SD? Wow.

  2. Believe it or not McDonald's has a new cinnamon roll on the menu and it's actually menu and it's actually quite good, when desperate

  3. Haha. I’ll have to check it out. Tough to beat Chrissys though.