Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Day 45 - Fresh Blueberry Muffins!

 After a terrific weekend it was time to get on the bike.  We are also anxiously awaiting the diagnosis for RV.  Seems like forever ago that we were sitting in the RV Friday afternoon frantically calling places to explain the alarming flashing check engine light.  Come on Cary, pull a rabbit out of a hat for us!

We started the ride at Northwest Purdue Campus as that is where we left off Saturday.  Riding conditions were again, spectacular.  Casey has settled in as the lead navigator and came up with a great route to North Judson Indiana (don’t worry I didn’t know where it was either).  Kyle is in the middle facilitating conversations and backup navigator and I am in the rear just trying to keep up and taking pictures when I get tired.  My other job was to call the repair shop every 2 hours for status (unfortunately the answer was consistently “haven’t looked at it yet”)  

We made great time and after 64 miles behind us, rolled into North Judson at Trusty’s Route 10 Bar & Grill.  Of course first things first, it was time for a beer.  All of us settled on a Zombie Dust from 3 Floyds Brewing.  Delivered in ice cold mugs it was wonderful.  When deciding what to order, we went to the expert, our server Brittney.  “What do recommend?” we asked.  “Poison Fries” as an appetizer was the reply “They’re delicious.” We asked for other recommendations.  “Italian Beef, it’s delicious.”  “The Chicken Philly, it’s delicious”  “Oh and our pizza, it’s also delicious.”  I guess we picked the right

place!  Brittney was not exaggerating.  Everything was delicious, especially the Italian beef.

Turns out Brittney is the owner and she and her husband bought the restaurant 3 months before COVID hit and were able to power through and now things are looking up.  Trusty’s has a nice feel to it.  A sports theme with pictures of the local high school sports team on the walls dating back 100 years!  As a bonus, Brittney's best friend Sarah is the bartender.  Love this!

With a great lunch and a couple beers down, it was now time for status check #3 on the RV.  If I hear “haven’t looked at it yet” one more time I might lose my sh*t. Well, that’s what I heard and yes, I lost my sh*t.  Time to become an a$$ and escalate, this is too important.  I talked with Mark, the manager, and he was able to free up a technician to run some diagnostics.  

OK, next priority is to find a place to stay in North Judson.  Not many options and one of them got 2 stars on Google.  No thank you.  Lexi, our daughter, works for Hilton and has been a life saver this week calling ahead for reservations and great rates but unfortunately, Hilton has not tapped the North Judson market yet.  What to do….. Kyle found an amazing farmhouse B&B on AirBnB that would be perfect, but it was not dog friendly.  We tried to convince Dan and Connie (the owners) that Zuri really isn’t a dog.  “Come on Dan what will it take?”  Kyle pleaded.  “Hmmmm, well we are short Dasani water.  How about stopping at the Dollar General and picking up a case of water?” Dan suggested. Pretty steep Dan but OK.  Deal. (We decided to throw in a gift certificate to Trusty’s).

It was a picturesque B&B on 40 beautiful acres that Connie’s great grandfather bought in 1880.  Dan also delivered muffins at 10 pm with blue berry’s picked this morning that just came out of the oven.  Are you kidding me?  Where is Norman Rockwell?  

I know all of this banter about the cool local pubs and muffins has you all enthralled, but you’re dying to hear the diagnosis of the RV right?  OK, I got a call at 5:30 pm with good news and bad news.  They know the issue (good), it’s a failed fuel pump and they are not sure they can get a part for tomorrow (bad).  

OK.  Here is the new plan…… We will ride to Syracuse tomorrow and drive 178 miles back to Aurora in the afternoon.  If we hit the lottery and the RV is done, we will pick up the RV and drive back t Syracuse.  If not, we stay in Aurora and stand over the mechanic Wednesday morning until it’s done and drive back later in the day.   Sounds simple.  Somehow, we still have options to get to Defiance OH and get Kyle and Casey to the Detroit Airport Thursday afternoon.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m worn out.  I don’t know if it’s from trying to keep up with speedsters Kyle and Casey on the bike or the stress of this damn RV repair.  There is light at the end of the tunnel!

Until then….


  1. I feel like you ARE going to hit the lottery with your good fortunes of Trusty's, the B & B, and those fresh blueberry muffins you're living right and that CAN continue!!!

  2. Well, we didnt get the RV yesterday but was promised to us today. Can not wait!

  3. Great day (other than the damn RV repair).