Saturday, July 3, 2021

Day 22 - Water, Water Everywhere.

Its hard to believe but we have been in Montana for 11 days and about 670 miles!  Sheesh this is a big state, especially when you're on a bike with you're buns hanging over a  little tiny hard seat.  Well, today was the last night we will be spending in MT.  We had a wonderful time, but now it's time to see what South Dakota has to offer.  Our destination for today was Hammond MT where the only thing there is a post office.  Why Hammond you ask?  You see there is literally nothing in the 95 miles between Broadus and Belle Fourche so I thought we could simply dry camp there.  That was before the heat wave and we did not want to run the generator all night so we rode to the post office in Hammond then drove back to Boardus to an RV Park with hook ups.

The ride was pretty good overall.  HWY 212 is much busier than I expected including many more trucks.  Other than being loud as they pass (rumble strips are LOUD), the shoulder was good most of the way.  There was one 10 mile section with little to no shoulder and that got a little hairy when two trucks going opposite directions passed.  Again, the heat is the big factor.  It felt warmer, earlier than yesterday and it was 99 degrees when we finished at 1 pm.  We were a little surprised by the climbing because Google said 1600 feet and we ended up at almost 3000.  Ouch.  But we made it and had to document our finish at the post office in the middle of nowhere before jumping into the RV and downing a gallon of water.  

The scenery continues to amazing me.  It's similar to Oregon in that you have the western side with more greenery and then the eastern side that is a little more rugged and barren.  Also I find I am much more appreciative of my surroundings in the mornings when my body is fresh, the temperature is nice versus late in the ride when I'm tired and hot and all I can think about is the finish line. 

Once back in Boardus, we had lunch and a nice restaurant called Powder River Stockman's Club.  The smoked pulled pork sandwich was delicious.  We actually met a couple of WSU Cougs sitting at the bar.  They were drinking 32 ounce beers. (Go Cougs!)

We are staying at the Wayside RV Park and I have to say, I love the general attitude of the people in rural America.  No websites to log into, you make a phone call to a live person, they take your name and ask about your rig and that's it.  No credit card to hold it.  You say you're coming in so they expect you to come in.  Often times there is no one at the park and you pay on the honor system.  Cash preferred but they do take checks.  Check?  What is a check?  I also got a kick out of the water valve at the site.  The handle is removable and attached to the PVC cover.  Not sure why but I love it.  

The night was initially uneventful.  Jack did a load of laundry, we walked the park (they have sheep and chickens here....shocker) and then we had dinner.  I decided to check the oil and radiator of the RV just to make sure it was OK and I noticed water dripping from the corner of the RV.  Not totally abnormal because the AC drips condensate but this was a lot.  Then I looked down the RV and water was dripping out a few places.  Not good.  After a few choice words I shut off the water (after installing the handle of course).  I started removing drawers and looking at the water piping and discovered a fitting had broken loose.  OK not a problem, I will just run to the store and get one.  Oh right, we are in Boardus and they don't have a hardware store.  Remember what I said yesterday about "figuring it out?"  Simple fix for a man with some duct tape.  Worked like a charm and will get get us by until I can get a new fitting in Belle Fourche.  

Tomorrow is Jacks last riding day as we head to Belle Fourche.  Sad for Cheryl and I but probably not for Jack!  We hope to get in early enough to get to Deadwood and Sturgis and do some tourist things (oh yeah, and get a water fitting).  Another 100 degree day, can't wait.

Until then....


  1. So long Montana, hello South Dakota. Sad that today is Jack's final ride. Good luck with the fitting repair. Go Cougs! They are everywhere.

  2. Isn't it FUN running into COUGS all over the world!!!