Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Day 32 - Prince in the Park

We were a little tired this morning and took our time getting ready and I wasn't on the bike until 8:10 am.  The moose lodge membership wore us out!  Not a smart move since we decided we were going to put in a few extra miles to get to Willmar so we can see a movie tonight.  As it was, I was expecting a 74 mile day but as it turned out, a wrong turn at Appleton made it an 84 mile day.  Subconsciously, I must be determined to get 4000 mile in.     

Until the wrong turn (can you believe this still happens 30 days into the ride?) it was a very good day.  Some beautiful countryside.  It's a real eye opener to see the miles and miles of agriculture.  Though I've seen thousands of acres of corn, there are many other types of vegetables being cultivated.  Of course I'm used to a lot of farm land in Oregon and California when we take trips to Los Angeles but this feels different.  Of course being on a bike may make it feel bigger but regardless, it is very impressive.  

With the late start and longer ride (aka - missed turn) we didn't get into Willmar until about 2 pm.  There is no place to stay in town and the nearest RV parks are north of town off the route by quite a bit so of course we did what any true RVer does, we decided to stay in Walmart.  We checked it out and it must be our luck day, it was a Supercenter!  Our fortunes were starting to take a turn for the better! It was too early to set up camp (set up came is overkill as we are in a parking lot), besides the whole reason we are here is to see a movie.  

It was getting really warm so we thought it would be good to go to the city park (Robbins Island), have lunch and relax and maybe jump in the water while we wait for movie time.  To our surprise, there were cones at the park entry and police directing traffic for a big event.  Apparently, the city puts on these huge concert events on Tuesday evenings 4 times in the summer called "Rockin' Robbins" and we stumbled onto tonight's show.  Tonight's headliner was a Prince cover band Chase & Ovation.  It was a major event with food carts and beer.  We got out the lawn chairs and just hung out with our fellow Minnesotans eating, drinking and listening to Prince songs.  It was just what the doctor ordered.  We were thinking about seeing Black Widow but Scarlett will just have to wait.

After the concert we headed back to the friendly confines of the Willmar Walmart Supercenter.  The end to another successful day on the road.  Tomorrow we go to Hutchinson.  It "should" be 58 miles, barring any wrong turns.  

Until then