Thursday, August 19, 2021

Day 68 - Leeches in the Pond?

Today was a scheduled rest day to allow time for the RV to get the check engine light cleared once and for all.  Keith the mechanic starts work at 5 am every morning and suggested we “bring er in” as early as possible.  So much for sleeping in on our rest day but getting the RV ready for the trip back is the priority.  5 am was a little too early but we did wake up, disconnect, dump the tanks and have the RV at Hilton Truck Repair by 6:30 am.  Not bad!  We also asked Keith to do some general maintenance like oil change, lube, check all the tires etc so we were ready to go.  As luck would have it, the check engine light cleared last night coming back from dinner and the RV was actually running pretty well.  It’s done this before which doesn’t bode well for Keith’s diagnostics.  

Cheryl, I and Zuri now had some time to kill and the one coffee place in walking distance didn’t open until 8 am.  So we spent some time trying to teach Zuri how to fetch (waste of time) and did some LAR (Life After Ride) planning until 8 am.  We door busted at Sweet Maple Café.  It was an awesome place.  We each had coffee and shared an unbelievable pumpkin/caramel square (yep another food picture).  Since we had nothing but time we decided on breakfast as well.  I had the breakfast burrito and Cheryl had the quiche.  Everything was really delicious.  

Just as I returned with a coffee refill my phone rang.  It was Keith telling us the RV was ready.  What?  It’s only 9 am?  He changed the oil and completed the other maintenance items and since the RV is running better and the check engine light is off there isn’t much he could do.  I sort of see his point but seriously?  That’s it?  He mentioned burning good gas and fuel additives.  Come on, use your imagination Keith, Coffman already has the rights to that.    

By now it is 10:30 am.  What to do, what to do.  Quite honestly, I’m not good at just “resting” and since there wasn’t a good movie playing and we had already checked out of the RV Park, I figured we move further east.  We headed to Fryeburg to our last stopping point and I noticed a “Master Barber” sign on the building across the street.  I need a haircut, we have time and it’s a Master Barber for crying out loud!  So I went in and ask Steph the Master Barber if she had an opening.  “Walk ins only” she said.  There were two gentlemen ahead of me so I asked, “Can I put my name on a list?”  “Nope, got to wait here” was her reply.  Turns out Steph has been in this same building for 26 years cutting hair for the people of Fryeburg and never taken an appointment.  It was a no-frills affair, no TV, no pre haircut drink, no fancy gels or creams.  The old fashioned chair, clippers, scissors and comb.  That will be $21 please.  Loved it!

There was a beautiful campground 18 miles down the road, so we decided a short ride was in order making sure we ease into the finish and not over exerting “the ticker.”  This will make the final day 36 miles.  Low impact, easy last day, just the way my cardiologist likes it.  It was an uneventful ride except the road was really busy and the shoulder for 8 miles was awful.  I did manage to get what will probably the last barn picture John.  Took it for you!   Oh yeah, and the check engine light started flashing again 5 miles down the road.  This RV has an evil sense of humor.  

We rolled into the Natures Wilderness Campground and it is absolutely gorgeous.  Lots of room, a lower lake with kayaks and paddle boards and an upper pond.  Our site was next to the upper pond and it felt like being next to a painting.  Wild flowers and a mirror water reflection.  We wanted to take a dip but Kim the manager said, “I wouldn’t, there are leeches in the upper pond.”  Leeches?  When was the last time I thought about leeches?  A horror movie? It was pretty warm and humid and we were primed for a swim, so we decided on a refreshing swim in the pool instead.  Fortunately, nothing latched onto my leg and started sucking my blood.  

There was no WiFi or cell service at the campground and being it was the last night of the ride, it provided a good opportunity for Cheryl and I to reflect on the trip.  We knew we were starting with a blank canvas back in June and boy what a picture that was created.  Tomorrow is the LAST DAY!  I get a little emotional just thinking about it.

Until then…. 


  1. I'm getting a little emotional, too. My last barn picture.

    Enjoy your last day of the ride. It's been an amazing journey. I will miss getting up in the morning and rushing to the computer to read what you were up to the previous 24 hours. Thank you for including us every day. You guys are The Best!

  2. Steph did a great job on the haircut! Let me know just how many brew pubs are in Portland Maine. Wish I was there to see you cross into Portland city limits. I'm Cheryl you will be right there.

  3. HI Chris. I have enjoyed following along on your trip. very impressed with your accomplishments and blog writing skills.