Monday, August 2, 2021

Day 52 - Love the North Coast Inland Trail!

 3 AD and things seem to be settling in.  Will be a short entry today as it was a straightforward day. As you can see from the pre ride photo, I have a new accessory to my riding attire.  A forearm bandage (that does match by the way).  I received outstanding medical care from Dr Cheryl.  Though she was in network, the copay was pretty steep.  

The route today was 64 miles with the vast majority of it on the North Coast Inland Trail.  This is an AMAZING trail that is completely paved and stretches 65 miles from Elyria to Toledo.  It weaves through many small, fun towns like Elmore, Clyde, Lindsey (apparently peoples names for towns is popular in this area).  

While waiting for a traffic signal, I met another cyclist and we got to talking about the area (it was a long light) and he mentioned a burger/ice cream place called "Twist and Shout" in Monroeville that we had to go to.  "People come from all over just for the ice cream!" he said.  I was super excited to have lunch there but of course when we arrived we discovered they have the same Monday schedule as Martinsdale and Wilton.  Damn.

Following the ride we spent a quiet relaxing afternoon/evening at the Huron River Valley Resort.  It’s on the Huron River off of Lake Erie.  We spent some time on the river and Cheryl even showed her athletic ability shooting hoops while holding her beer.  Didn't spill a drop.  Atta girl!

Tomorrow I will be riding through Cleveland.  I am now utilizing the maps from the Adventure Cycling Association which will be helpful as they identify bike routes going through the city.  Looking forward to that ride very much.

Until then… (selfie taken today, along with the barn picture John!)


  1. Nice, easy day. Yippee! Nice work, Cheryl on beer-basketball. Impressive.

  2. TTL for Dr. Cheryl. She is the BEST in many ways!!!!!! And an athletic one too . .. .Love the sounds of the Inland Trail you got to ride today. AND, really love that your bandage matches your riding outfit. What a fashionista!! Do you know or remember John Mc Coy? We go to the same Yoga class a couple times a week? He knew we had met you and Cheryl in WW and I caught him up on your adventure highlights. I hope he will follow your INCREDIBLE blog too.