Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Day 60 - Package Delivered!

Short entry today as it was a unscheduled rest day so I could be sure to pick up my phone at Walgreens and have time to configure it so I could use on my next ride.  It has also been 10 consecutive riding days so I was ready for a break.  There was the feeling of anticipation when I woke up, but knowing that "The Delivery" would not occur until 10:30 am, we figured a leisurely morning with breakfast at a local restaurant was on our menu.  

So we headed to Cathy's restaurant on Broadway (everything is on Broadway in Fulton).  It was exactly what we expected (and wanted), a small diner, owned and managed by Cathy with help from her daughter Jodi.  Cathy has run the small cafĂ© for 28 years knowing most of the clientele by name.  We noticed a silent raffle at the front of the restaurant and learned of a charity event for a 3 year old boy with a rare joint condition.  Jodi went into detail about the young boys condition and spirit and how the community is pulling together to help with expenses.  Very inspiring.  

I had the frittata (looked more like a scramble) but it was delicious and HUGE.  No lunch for me today.  

From breakfast we went straight to Walgreens (also on Broadway) to wait for my delivery.  At 10:40 am the UPS employee walked through the door and I was on her like white on rice (I think I freaked her out a little bit.).  A quick signature and I was off to configure my new phone.  Of course I needed WiFi so I ducked into CAMs Pizzeria and though I was bursting at the seems from Cathy's frittata, I ordered a soda and breadstick so I could sit and use their WiFi.  An hour later I was up and running.  I can't wait to get back on the road and fill the photo album with more barn pictures (256 GB baby)! Thanks so much to the Nike team for the amazing support!  

The rest of the day was uneventful with a drive to Oswego NY for one last look at Lake Ontario.  We did some laundry and of course purchasing a heavy duty case for my phone!

Tomorrow I ride 66 miles to Delta Lake State Park where we will meet Tom and his wife Kriti who will join us for a couple days.  Going to be a lot of fun.  Forecast includes some rain and high temperatures.  That means high humidity (just call me Mr Meteorologist).  Oh well, I am excited to be back on the road with a tuned up bike and a phone and not an iPad on my back!

Also, I have made some updates to "The Route" page with actual route and miles (compared to projected)  Kind of interesting.  I'm trending at about 8% more miles that I originally thought. Huge surprise there.  Big money in Vegas as to whether I hit 4000 miles or not.  Going to be close but I'd bet on the under.

Until then.....


  1. Great news that you are back on line with a new phone. Yippee.

  2. It would be a pro move to hit 4,000 mi.