Friday, August 13, 2021

Day 62 - Adirondacks!

Our first ride in the Adirondacks and I am happy that Tom and Kriti have joined us for our first two days in this region.  It is a beautiful area of the country.  The route today was calculated by Tom using Komoot.  If what we went through today is indicative of future routes, Tom gets benched and I’m going back to Google and Strava (just kidding of course).  Mileage was fine at 56, but we had 3200 feet of climb including 3 monster hills back-to-back that nearly killed us less than 10 miles into the ride.  I was going 4.5 mph up the last one and could barely keep my bike upright!

The great new was that the weather was MUCH better than anticipated.  It was 80 with about 70% humidity instead of the 90/90 we were expecting.  We did get about 20 min of rain about halfway through but not too bad. 

We ended up at the town of Inlet on the East side of the “Fourth Lake.” (Not very creative naming).  With the ride behind us it was time to relax, so of course we looked for a beer.  We ended up at The Wooden Inn, a nice turn historic building on the lake with tables on the dock.  We were able to snag one of those and had a terrific time talking, enjoying the view and letting the dogs play.

We decided to get pizza and eat it at the campsite next to the fire and make S’mores.  Looking for the true camping experience.  There are self-serve campfire wood stations about every mile so we stopped for a bundle.  Buyer beware that not all of it is dry.  I did my best Jeremiah Johnson imitation and cut some kindling (remember I have a hatchet), used the pizza box cardboard for a starter and figured one match and we’d have a crackling inferno.  NOT, I spent the next 30 minutes on my hands and knees with head in the fire, butt in the air, blowing on the few coals we had, had praying for sustained ignition.  I finally got it and though it was never a roaring fire, it served the purpose and the S’mores were delicious. 

The Limekiln State Park does not have utilities which means no electricity, which means no AC.  With the weather cooler than expected it was “tolerable” in the RV but with 4 adults, 2 dogs and two fans going, it was less than desirable but fun nevertheless. 

Prior to leaving Delta Lake this morning, I emptied the waste tanks and filled the fresh water so we were in good shape at “utilityless” Limekiln.  The mosquitoes were awful and standing next to the RV holding the water hose I was a helpless victim.  My only option was to keep moving.  Cheryl caught the event and if only I could set it to music we might have the new dance craze. 

Tomorrow we hope to ride to North Hudson about 60 miles away.  We haven’t set the route yet but rest assured I will be looking over Tom’s shoulder.  Only six more riding days…….SIX.  That’s wild.  Anything can still happen though, so fingers are crossed.

Until then…..

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  1. Only a week to go. Wow! What are Vickiy and I going to do when you are done and we won't have your daily posts to look forward to? I guess it's not all about us.

    The 3200-foot vertical doesn't look like fun, but you took some more great pictures.

    Love the dance.