Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Day 66 - Homemade Ice Cream!

I created this blog for a couple a reasons.  First of all, this is sort of a diary of our expereince because I've learned from other adventures we've taken that with my age and decreasing metal capacity, if I don't write it down I forget.  Secondly, it is to share my experience with family and friends.  I would certainly like you riding beside me and joining us in the RV (well, maybe not all of you) but since you can't, this is a way for us to be connected.  As you all know by now, I wear my emotions on my sleeve and lay it all out there.  Like yesterday and mentioning the possible return of the A fib.  Many of you have reached out to check on me and I can not thank you enough.  I am very grateful for all of the support I routinely receive.  Trust me, I have been in contact with my doctor and am going very slow!

That said, today's ride was through the White Mountains so there was plenty of climbing (and slow going).   Looking at the profile you can clearly see where the Connecticut River cuts through the mountains where we crossed the Vermont/New Hampshire border.  Some very beautiful terrain.   Talk about ending with a bang.  The scenery just keeps getting better and better.    

We've started to see the buildings the rural northeast is known for such as beautiful village churches and covered bridges.  The covered bridges are numbered by the state (#29 is shown below).  I can only imagine what this area looks like in the fall!

We have set up camp in the Maple Haven Campground.  It's a fun spot near Lincoln NH.  They sell delicious home made ice cream!  So after our dinner we indulged.  Cheryl getting a cup of the White Chocolate Raspberry while I got a waffle cone of the Salted Caramel.  Of course Zuri got the doggy dish.  

As we inch ever so close to the end we have started to think about LAR (Life After Ride).  The number 1 priority is to get the RV in a reliable state.  Up until now we have been locked into the route timetable and it was impossible to schedule time with a mechanic.  We always just "dropped in" hoping our puppy dog eyes and cross country story would gain us favor.  Well, it obviously hasn't been successful and we just drive with our eyes glued to the check engine light.  Since we are one day ahead of schedule, and I like the idea of finishing on the day we planned, we have scheduled an appointment with a mechanic in Conway NH to work on the RV tomorrow afternoon, into Wednesday, if necessary, so we can ride into Portland ME on Thursday.  

We have two days of riding left with less that 100 miles to the finish line.  OMG!  It's the bottom of the ninth and here's to hoping the bike gods don't throw us another curve ball.  We've seen it before so if they do, hopefully we hit it out of the park.  

Until then....

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  1. The pictures are so beautiful, you'd hardly notice the missing barn. I love the covered bridges.

    Homemade ice cream, yum. You shaved for the occasion!

    Just two more days, amazing. Good plan on the RV mechanic today.