Sunday, August 8, 2021

Day 57 - Dry Camping with the Trains

Since we are back on schedule, we decided to explore a little different routine today.  We slept in and had a relaxing cup of coffee and breakfast.  Cheryl is not big on my bobblehead look and wants to fatten me up so she decided to have me gain it all back in one meal with a breakfast that should be featured on “Man vs Food.”  It was delicious.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t finish it all so I won’t get my name on the wall.

We really had no plans on where to ride today which was a strange feeling.  We usually have it all figured out way in advance (like the night before).  Since the RV was filled with fresh water and empty waste tanks, we figured a dry camping night should be an option.  We belong to a group called “Harvest Hosts” where wineries, golf courses, farms and breweries allow you to dry camp on their property if you patronize their business. Patronize wineries and breweries?  No problem with that.  There was a participating brewery, Fairport Brewing Company, in Rochester.  Perfect.  The one problem was that it was 77 miles away and I wasn’t planning on riding that far.  Oh well, if a brewery calls, I am obligated to answer the bell.  

With a full (bursting) stomach, I was off and riding at 10:30 am.  It was an excellent ride. It got a little warm toward the end but overall, it was terrific.  The big news was that we intersected the Erie Canal.  Like so many other landmarks we’ve encountered, it was really cool to see what we’ve always read about in real life.  Google and ACA had me follow the canal the entire way from Lockport to Rochester (60 miles).  Surprisingly, the trail is mostly not paved.  It is compacted dirt with a fine gravel sprinkled on top.  Not terrible riding, but you can’t go faster that about 14 mph and need to really concentrate if you don't want to dump your bike.  Since I now have a bruises on both the left and right sides I have no more room on my body so I figured I get back on the main road.  I took the main roads for about 50 miles and hopped back on the canal for the last few miles into Rochester.

Rochester has a number of craft breweries, so we decided to rendezvous at Genesee Brewing Company for a taster and lunch before moving to Fairport.  I had the Cowboy Burger while Cheryl had the Steak Salad.  Really good.

We then zigzagged through Rochester eager to see our camping spot.  Our enthusiasm diminished as we entered the industrial district.  I felt like I was back in southwest Buffalo.  The location of Fairport Brewing was not ideal including next to an active railroad track.  Perfect for a relaxing nights sleep…..NOT!

Our mood picked up as we entered the tap house.  Nice atmosphere and we noticed a band setting up.  Live music?  Now we’re getting somewhere.  The cherry on top was that it was dog friendly (Cheryl was sold immediately).  Beer, music and dog friendly….BOOM!

We had a relaxing night, listening to Young Guns & Rusty Barrels.  The group consists of 4 men, all with guitars (no drums and limited keyboard).  Interesting combo with two older men and two much younger men.  During a break, we talked to the lead vocalist Tom Campbell.  He mentioned that one of the older men was his father Steve and the other younger member, Ryan, was his childhood friend from across the street.  Great story.  They must have some rockin' neighborhood parties.    

We hit the sack, excited to become one with the trains throughout the night.  Not sure what we’re doing tomorrow, but my vote would be for a quiet RV park with full hook ups!

Until then.... 


  1. Man, that breakfast looks good! Great scenery pictures. Sounds like a nice, issue-free day, with good food and live music to boot. Good luck tomorrow with finding the quiet RV park.

  2. It's amazing to bring up Google Earth, put in Fairport, and then watch the world rotate as the location moves across most of the US. You are a long way from home! Way to go.

  3. That's a GREAT day!!! From start to finish. Love the canal pictures too. DOG friendly is the BEST!!!!