Thursday, August 5, 2021

Day 54 - Napping on Lake Erie

 After a looooong and eventful day yesterday, including 82 miles in the saddle, there was no rest for the weary and we were leaving Punderson State park 12 hours after we arrived.  Or goal was North Springfield, 70 miles to the northeast.  North Springfield is in Pennsylvania.  Pennsyl-freaking-vania.  Though I wasn't a geography major, I classify Pennsylvania as an eastern state, meaning we are through the West, Midwest and definitely getting close to the Atlantic.  

The ride was back in the rural areas which we have appreciated and grown accustomed to throughout out the trip.  More beautiful country.  About 15 miles of the route was on the Ashtabula County Metroparks Western Reserve Greenway Trail (they must get additional federal dollars for longer names).  A paved bike trail that made for terrific riding.  Weather was perfect.  I did see a few barns but I decided for once to not include them (please no hate mail)No major happenings along the way but we did decide to stop for lunch in the small town of Conneaut Ohio at the "regionally" famous White Turkey Drive in.  It is your classic, old school drive in which has been in operation since 1952.  As their name would suggest, turkey is their specialty and Cheryl and I both had a turkey sandwich and I indulged with an original Root Beer (not diet!)  It was a fun stop and got me through the final 10 miles of the ride.  We met a nice family from DC who grew up in Conneaut and gave us some tips if we go to DC on the return route. 

I don't know if it was the extra long day yesterday or the 2900 miles earlier, but I was very tired the entire ride and when we got to Virginia's Beach RV park (gorgeous location right on Lake Erie) I wasted no time relaxing.  I started out in a lounge chair and quickly realized I needed to go horizontal and took a premeditated nap complete with pillow and blanket.  

We were treated to an absolutely beautiful sunset over the lake and then time for bed.  Tomorrow we will be in New York.  Unfortunately my next partner, Rick, could not get coverage for work (he is the optometrist for the Costco in Reno and a one man show) so I will be going solo for a few more days.  

Until then...


  1. No barn picture! Are you freaking kidding me? Although the covered bridge and church pics are pretty awesome. And the Cutest Picture of the Journey award goes to "The Nap." Hard to believe that today you are going to be in New York. Amazing.

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