Tuesday, July 2, 2013

We Made It To The Lake

I got up early with every intention of going for a ride ahead of Cheryl and have her catch up to me. Kind of a dry run for when we head to California. Well it didn't work that way. It's a looooooong story but it involved me not having a good bike route out of the 50,000 Silver Dollar and some potential RV mechanical problems.  Sooooooo if your day doesn't turn out the way you plan, what do you do?  Beer tasting of course.  We stopped at a local micro brewery in Lakeside MT called Tamarack.  One of the best sampler trays I've ever had.  Too many beers for the dang tray!  They were all tasty (except for the fruity ones of course :) )

It was another scorcher here at Flathead Lake and by the time we got to the RV park there was no way I was going to ride so I decided to take a dip in the lake and then have a nacho from the deck over looking the lake.  All in all a pretty good day.  By the way, for those of you who think this is a biking blog, I'm riding tomorrow.......FOR SURE!

As promised yesterday, here is a short video of my ride on the Centennial Trail yesterday (note the coyote that runs in front of me)

Also, thanks to those who commented on the blog.  Nice to know there is someone out there other than my wife and kids!


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