Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 5..... A little bit of everything.

I'm actually writing this installment off line in Lava Flow Campground on Davis Lake and will upload tomorrow when/if I get service.  It is absolutely gorgeous.
Note the natural borders on this one. Yep tried to do it (thank you very much)

It took a little work getting here in the RV. We noticed that all the other vehicles here (there were only 3) were all 4 wheel drive. I figured, no problem for us, we have 6 wheels!  Not sure this RV was designed to go places like this but what the heck. My philosophy is "by god you buy these things you need to use'em." Needless to say, we turned some heads (3 to be exact).  
Overall I think today was our best day. We did a little bit of everything. We started in Sunriver and went to the SHARC complex (basically a very nice pool with slides and a lazy river etc). I quickly observed that I like these kind of inner tubes better than the kind on my bike.  Cheryl and I cooled off in the pool.  We made a splash at the water slides. (I know, bad joke)
We then went back for lunch and to get ready for a ride. We decided to switch things up and get a few miles in in the afternoon shorten our ride to Crater Lake.   With the jersey rotation you know what today was.....Deavs Day!!!!  Greg decided he is going to stick it out and start a new trend. "I Love My Deavs!"  Atta boy Greg. 

Becki took this picture in cartoon mode. I guess all things considered a cartoon is fitting for us (nice photo bomb Tanner)
Thank you Becki and Terry for the hospitality.  It was great seeing you!
We got in 38 miles. Seems pretty good but 5 of it was trying to get out of the dang Sunriver maze.  Seriously? OK. So you go out of the cul de sac and take a right them head to Circle 10 then follow the sign to Fort Rock Park then right at Circle 11 and down to the village. From there take a left at the bike shop and follow the entrance Circle to South Century Road. Got that?  Heck no need to go to San Francisco for 1000 miles. 

It was a beautiful ride. I know you are probably sick of hearing me say this each day because I'm sick of writing it. But that is one of the key learnings (wow I sound like I'm at work) from this experience is how beautiful this state is. 

So there it is, Day 5 in the book. 

Hopefully we don't get high centered coming out of the park and we will get to Diamond Lake tomorrow (I bet I'll say it's. beautiful). 

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  1. Better late than never! I wrote the following comment this morning at 7:00 in response, at the time, to the lack of a Day 5 report. I am glad you are back on track with the daily reports as well as the 1ktothebay progress:

    "Okay, now what are we suppose to do? We just got up in South Lake Tahoe and are ready to begin our day by reading the "Adventures of Day 5." But, there is nothing to read. What up? We know you were considering a day off in Sun River from riding, but, it doesn't seem reasonable that that should include a day off from writing, too. Suck it up, get out the lap top and give us something good to get us going. If a monkey can do, so can you."