Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 12.......dinner and a movie

Well we left the Elk Park RV Resort happy we saw some elk but disapointed there were no skinny dippers.  The temperature was chilly again this morning and I know I'm not the sharpest cheddar in the dairy case but I am smart enough to know it was time to put on a jacket this morning.
Our plan (as solid as jello) was to ride into Eureka, watch a movie then keep on truckin' south to get some decent miles in (we've been slacking a little bit lately). The first part of the day went as planned and we got in an easy 35 miles by about 11:30. I must say, it was probably our least scenic day unless you like concrete and asphalt. I used to think of HWY 101 as a fun little road that winds it's way through quiet coastal towns and not the major 4 lane thoroughfare that runs into Eureka. This  is mostly what we saw today. 
We then hit the 1 pm showing of World War Z. Our critical analysis gave it 3.33 bags of popcorn (out of five). 

After the movie we decided to make Cheryl's whole trip by going to the Lost Coast Brewery in Eureka (a beer place, big surprise) where they make her favorite tangerine beer (to be clear, I said HER favorite beer and not mine).  Tangerine beer?????
Then we got a wonderful surprise when we learned than John and Vickiy would be coming through Eureka and could meet us for dinner. That was excellent news on two fronts: a) any time to see John and Vickiy is reason to get excited and b) we decided to meet them at the Lost Coast Brewery (more beer, big surprise). 

The plan was to still get some more riding in but it was fading quickly as I ordered the Philly cheesesteak and seasoned fries along with another IPA. Sidebar - I'm not sure which is worse for my riding, the Philly or the little chocolate doughnuts I had for breakfast. Certainly a toss up. 

We had a terrific time at dinner and thoroughly enjoyed talking with John and Vickiy and are glad they could join us for a brief time on our journey. 
At this point we abandoned the second part of the ride. Though I only had a couple beers I didn't want a "BUI" so we decided to hang out in Eureka for the night. For the record, here is how the riding ended up. BTW, we are at 743 total miles!

As for tomorrow, we will continue our trek to Willits as we look forward to seeing Krissie for the last few days of the ride. 

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  1. Wish we were there (oh, yeah, we were). We had a great time visiting with you guys at the 3/4 mark on your amazing journey. It was like going to dinner with Rock Stars. We are in awe of what you are accomplishing, especially after "experiencing" the last fourth of your route for ourselves as we drove from SF to Eureka with the challenging terrain and the long distances involved for two guys on bikes. Keep on peddlin".