Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 4...... Ahhhhh Relaxation!

We made it to Sunriver and are relaxing in a very nice house Cheryl's sister (Becki) and her husband (Terry) rented for the week.  As is typically the case, we made our presence felt immediately by pulling the RV into the driveway completely dominating the cul de sac.  To add a special flair I lifted the hood of the RV and pulled out some tools to work on a leaking heater coil.  Fortunately I was standing while working on the rig so that eliminated all butt crack potential.  Here come the Winklers.....there goes the neighborhood!
I was a little nervous about this morning in that we started the jersey rotation over with what we wore on Day 1.  I'm not too superstitious but considering how bad Day 1 was I was little nervous.  I was happy to note that all numb body parts (I do mean all) were feeling well and ready to perform.  Today's destination?  Sunriver!!!
I must also say that as I got on to the bike for Day 4, I was having a little trouble remembering what day it was.  I thought it was Wednesday but it felt more like Saturday, especially on my rear end.  For all you Intel people out there, I have finally figured out a way to make the sabbatical seem longer.  Go on an idiotic 1000 mile bike ride.  Every 4 days will feel like a week!

Overall, I am happy to report that the ride was surprisingly uneventful.  I know, it was weird, we decided on a destination and actually got there!  As the saying goes, put a monkey to a typewriter its bound to spell a word.  We got in 62 miles and unknown feet of climb.  I think the GPS doesn't bother noting elevation if it's less that 5000!

One thing I did notice is that I am getting a little squeak every rotation of my pedals.  It sounds like a duck call.  So every second for about 30 miles I hear the Aflac Duck talking to me.  Aflac!!!!  I think it is where my shoe clips in because if I twist my leg a certain way I can get it to stop.  Oh great, hurt a knee joint or listen to the Aflac duck.  Great choice.

We did see some nice scenery today.  The first was near the climb out of Prineville.  Early morning sun over the valley.  Very nice.
The second picture is of a little farm and the cascade mountains in the background about 15 miles outside of Bend.  It is amazing how the terrain has changed so drastically over the 4 days of riding.
Before we went to Sunriver we needed to run a couple errands in Bend.  I needed to get a part for the heater coil (needed more duct tape and baling wire) and Greg needed to get another water bottle.  He finally decided to replace the 5 oz one he got in a happy meal and get a big boy water bottle.  He also wanted to add a cage for a second one.  We had great success at Hutch's and Greg had a real Christmas (since the Deavs kind of ruined his earlier one).  He's so happy!
There was one slight downer while in Hutch's though.  As we were making small conversation with a worker there and we had to, of course mention, (with chest slightly out) that we were on our way to San Francisco.  He politely said, "Cool, I just got back from and 1800 mile off road bike trip across New Zealand."  Ouch!  Oh well, my pride only hurt until I got back on my bike then my butt hurt more.

Well, we finally did make it to Sunriver and felt really good.  Amazing what less miles and climbing will do for your body and spirits.

Tomorrow was supposed to be a rest day, but instead we are thinking about hanging with Becki, Terry and their two boys until late afternoon then take off and get about 30-40 miles in to keep on schedule.  Next stop, Davis Lake!


  1. Woo hoo! Day 4 and look at those smiles!

  2. Okay, now what are we suppose to do? We just got up in South Lake Tahoe and are ready to begin our day by reading the "Adventures of Day 5." But, there is nothing to read. What up? We know you were considering a day off in Sun River from riding, but, it doesn't seem reasonable that that should include a day off from writing, too. Suck it up, get out the lap top and give us something good to get us going. If a monkey can do, so can you.

  3. Hi Chris,
    My name is Jane and I'm with Dwellable.
    I was looking for blogs about Sunriver to share on our site and I came across your post...If you're open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
    Hope to hear from you soon!