Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 7.......Crater Lake

Day 7. We are about to complete our first week and what a way to do it, biking around Crater Lake. We started the day in the high 40s and there was some major shrinkage going on as it was cold!  It didn't take long to warm up though as we immediately started to climb and that would be the order of the day. What happened to 70 miles of flat rides in 5 hours like I planned. Oh that's right I can't plan. 
As for the day we got 74 miles in (the extra 4 is because I forgot to shut the GPS off, another GPS idiot move by me) and a hefty 6700 ft of climb. 

There was a big debate last night as to whether we ride around the lake or just peak over the western edge and keep riding. We finally decided to "man up" and do the rim knowing that it will be 33 miles of pain but 3 hours of breathtaking views. 

For the first 2 hours we were not disappointed.  Crater Lake is an absolutely magnificent natural wonder.  Majestic peaks and the bluest water you've ever seen. But the last hour during the last climb I must admit I didn't care about the majestic peaks and blue water and simply wanted the leftover pizza in the motor home fridge (does that make me a bad person?)

Scenic Picture Time (you can thank me now for not including the 20 I took)

Here is a view looking north away from the lake up the cascades. 
Here is the trio after lunch (the pizza was delicious by the way) before we head south. Feeling our oats because we completed the rim ride (happy it's over!) Surprisingly I used the self timer app. I sure got my money's worth from that although it was free. 
Nope, it's not a post card. As hard as it is to believe, I took this picture.  Actually, when you have natural beauty like this even people like me can take amazing pictures. 
As you can see from the elevation chart, we had about 13 miles where I didn't need to pedal and we came out in a very cool valley north of Kalamath Lake. 
We decided to ride past Fort Kalamath and take our chances on a place to stop for the night. The beauty of a motor home especially one called "Intruder" is you can stop anywhere and make yourself at home (at least that's what we tell ourselves).  So we did. 
Tomorrow we will head west towards Grants Pass. As is typical we aren't sure what to expect and will just get on our bikes and ride baby!

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  1. Pictures of TWO natural beauties on the same day! Way to contribute Cheryl. Vickiy and I rode by Emerald Bay on Lake Tahoe at the same time you were riding by Crater Lake. We thought our view was gorgeous, but your Crater Lake shot has it beat. Keep on pedalin'.