Sunday, July 7, 2013

First day in the a map?

The good news is I am writing the today's entry from Joel's house (Greg's cousin) just outside Ione Oregon.  The bad news it didn't go exactly how we planned it.  I know I know, we don't have much of a plan, but if we did it wouldn't have included what happened today.  Sheesh it's only the first dang day!!!

It started out just fine with all of us in Greg's driveway, motor home packed, water bottles filled and smiles all around (don't we look happy?)
We started out fantastic cruising to the Oregon border enjoying the morning air.  We when through Umatilla and that's where things went a little squirrelly.  We took a left off of Jordan road and all of the sudden....dunt...dunt....dah.......GRAVEL!!!!.  There is one think I hate more than flat tires when I am riding my bike and that is gravel.  I resist it like vampires and garlic.  So Greg and I had a meeting of the minds (short meeting), and somehow he convinced me that it wouldn't be than long as the intersetcion to the next road (Homestead) would be paved.  Knowing that Greg must have been a tour guide in this area in a previous life I said "duh OK Greg." (bad decision #1)

So after about 3 miles on this gravel road (I was fish tailing like a mother) scared to death I would get a flat or fall we came to Homestead Rd.  Of course it was gravel. 

We had three choices.  Go on Homestead (note the live stock sign), go back the 3 terrifying miles, or take a new road towards highway 84 which according to my phone looked like pavement in a mile or so.  "I'll take door number 3 Monty" and so it was and fortunately we hit pavement.  Whew. 

At that point we could have retreated back to HWY 207 or press on toward Boardman.  Since we of course we didn't want to back track we went toward Boardman (bad decision #2)

Since the only way to HWY 730 (which is finally the right road) we had to head north a few miles (reminder, heading north is back to Kennewick!).  Well we finally intersected the right road with 50 miles left to Ione.  hmmmm, but we have already been riding for 46 miles.  OMG!

OK deep breath, relax and just keep pedaling.  We saw some beautiful country.
A whole lot of road......

and wheat fields.....

So we finally mad it to Ione after 96 miles (it was supposed to be 75!!!)

So we made it...... Then Greg says "let's go to my cousin Joel's house tonight (bad decision #3)  To get to Joels house is 5 miles of steeeeeeep grade.  See below.  But we made it and Greg actually hit the century mark (101 miles) for the first time.  Too bad the ride should have only been 75 miles.  At this rate, I'm thinking of changing the blog name to


  1. WOW! Day one was a doozy! Here's hoping Day two is much easier and gravel free.

  2. That looks more like a TDF stage in the Pyrenees than a trip to Ione, OR...just sayin'!

  3. I love the panaroma shots Dad! My favorite so far! Can't wait for the next post...I want to hear about Bub's jersey. :)