Friday, July 12, 2013

Day a routine.

The good ol Intruder made it out of the campground without any (noticeable) damage and we started Day 6. We decided to continue with college game day for the jerseys since they didn't smell too bad from yesterday. Greg's sticking with the Deavs but notice how he never turns sideways to the camera. 
Believe it or not we are actually getting into a successful routine now. We get our bikes and clothes ready, validate the days route and go (and all of us actually arrive at the correct spot). It only took us 5 days to figure it out. 

There was one significant milestone passed today and that was the use of the Charmin travel roll. The first day of the ride Greg showed me this and I said "what the heck is that?"  He of course explained the Boy Scout philosophy of always being prepared so I left it at that. Well I think the Captain Morgan Tattoo we had last night was acting up so at our first stop Greg disappeared behind an abandon building and you get the picture. Thank goodness for being prepared (just sharing the experience).
Today's ride was uneventful (other than the Charmin roll debut). We got in 64 miles to Diamond Lake.  It is beautiful. (told you).  One decent climb, but after the first few days this is child's play!
As we move closer to civilization the traffic is of course getting worse which is a bummer. After not seeing a traffic light from Kennewick to Prineville things are now a little more populated.  Here is what HWY 97 looked like. We're trying to stay off main HWYs but paved backroads don't always exist and remember....GRAVEL IS NOT AN OPTION. 
We are staying at a very nice RV park and decided to get the BBQ out as soon as we arrived and enjoyed a delicious meal. We had pork but I think it was laced with tryptophan because we all crashed after dinner like it was Thanksgiving. 
Becki, Terry, Luke and Tanner made a surprise "pop in" on their way home and pulled us out of our food coma and we headed down to the lake. Of course it didn't take us long to find the only beer place in town and you guessed tasting!!! (Geez we are so predictable)
My choice, Hopasaurus IPA won. It probably had something to do with the 9.5% alcohol content. 

So we have our routine. Ride (Charmin use is optional), eat a ton, then beer tasting. I could get used to this. 

Tomorrow is Crater Lake. I am really looking forward to the ride around the rim though I hear there are some significant climbs that are not child's play. 

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