Saturday, July 6, 2013

T minus one day.....

Well the big day is almost here (like freaking tomorrow!)  I'd like to say we are all ready to go but heck we have no idea what we are doing.  I know there are checklists and all kinds of help on the web but hey, it wouldn't be an adventure is we were prepared.  At least I was smart enough to get my bike tuned up.  I took it to Markee's Cycle Shop in Kennewick and they did a great job.  Shout out to Tony, my bike hasn't been in this good of shape in a couple years. 

Yesterday was a typical Flathead Lake day in that we spent most of it lounging by the lake and paddling in the canoe and playing in the water.  It was terrific.

Cheryl was the driver of the canoe and we dumped it just as we were coming into dock.  I hope this isn't a sign of things to come from our SAG wagon driver.  Here come Chris and Greg, just about to the Golden Gate bridge.....WHAM they were just taken out by the RV.

Special thanks to our good friends Skip and Betty for the hospitality while we were at the lake we had a blast as usual.

We did a trial run for the ride yesterday in that I left early and Cheryl left later with the goal to meet at the same spot at the end of the ride.  The location? The grand metropolis of Dixon MT of course.  We agreed to meet at the first gas station in town.  The problem?  The are no gas stations in Dixon. Well, alert the media because we actually did it!  Cheryl played it safe and parked at the "Entering Dixon" sign.  Well played Cheryl.  If your keeping track at home, Dixon has 203 people, 95 men and 108 women. 

Here is the route for the ride should any of you care.  I got in an easy 48 miles because it was mostly down hill for once. (remember to add 6 miles since I didn't get cell service on Finley Point.  When you ride like me you count every mile!!!)

So here is your one picture from this particular ride.  I especially liked the reflection of the clouds.  I should GRAM IT!

Well tomorrow is the big day.  Wish us luck because we are going to need it.  Hopefully tomorrow afternoon we will be in Ione Oregon (yes, Ione Oregon).

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