Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 10.....civilization!

After some long discussions and a few beers (which may have affected the outcome) we decided to have a short riding day today and start enjoying the fruits of our labor, which has put us ahead of schedule, and enjoy what California has to offer.  So we only put on 30 miles today and decided to hang out in Crescent City. 
To begin with, we didn't want to leave the warm and friendly confines of the motor home and venture out into the cold, cruel world of crazy California drivers and the highway system. So we decided to take our traditional beginning of the ride picture inside and minimize every second outside (are we wusses or what!)
We had blue skies and the usual gorgeous scenery to greet us as we started.  
Unfortunately as we moved closer to the coast we found or first cloudy skies. I actually had mist on my glasses. What a bummer (ref: wuss comment above).
The milestones just keep rolling by. Today was the first time we saw a San Francisco sign so we had to capture the moment. I defaulted to the hold out pic because we feared for our lives on the nonexistent shoulder on HWY 199 and had no time to spare setting up my favorite self timer app (or removing our helmets Cheryl). 
We also entered the beginning of the magnificent Redwood forest. We have a long way to go and have not even gotten to the Redwood National Park but I already have tree envy and am in awe. 
But the real joy of the day came from the fact that we entered civilization for the first time in days.  Cheryl was quick to hit the Starbucks (for you keeping score at home it was a Decaf Grande Cinnamon   Dolce) and Greg jumped on his phone enjoying strong, clear cell service. 
And it doesn't stop there, we hit Wal-Mart (and didn't even sleep in the parking lot), went to see Man of Steel (3 bags of popcorn out of 5) and the icing on the cake was a game of Astroids!  Simply heaven. 
We ended up at the Shoreline RV park (complete with cable TV!) which is right on Crescent City Harbor.  We have a beautiful site overlooking the water (note the panoramic shot Jenna.) 
As for tomorrow, we are still deciding (will likely take a few more beers). We are thinking about going only another 30 miles and spending the day and night in the Redwood National Park. As usual, we always reserve the right to change based on the motor home, our legs or if we see a good pub along the road. 

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  1. Don't hurry to San Francisco. Vickiy and I got here yesterday (I think that means we won the race, although we did get a two-day head start and we are driving a car) and it is freakin' cold. After spending the last 10 days in the mountains of Utah, Nevada, and California at 6000 to 7000 feet, you'd think we would be coming "down" to warmer weather. But no, we've been spoiled by 75-85 degree temps and now in San Francisco it's only going to get to 63 today! I didn't even bring a sweater or jacket. We will call Cheryl today and make plans for meeting up with you guys somewhere Thursday. Let's do lunch.