Friday, June 18, 2021

Day 6 - Rest Day!

The first of 10 rest days is here!  Surprisingly, my mind and body weren’t really screaming for a day off but now that is has arrived, I’m really happy.  We've got a full schedule!  Sheesh, feels like I’m back at work and have "back to back" meetings on my Outlook Calendar.  Fortunately not one Zoom meeting or strategic objective to deliver!  It's going to be a great day.  We have a pleasant mixture of fun and "work" getting ready for the next 6 days on the road.

Though I thought I was pretty well stocked with extra biking supplies, I have quickly realized I was lighter than I should be.  Forgotten water bottles and a split tire on Day 2 didn't help, so our first errand today was a stop at Allegro Cyclery.  Riley was a big help in answering some questions and 15 minutes and $266 later we limped out of there.  Ouch!  (Oh well, remember wallet and phone).  I did validate we were still below our credit limit so we could afford to cross the street for a nice cup of coffee and a pastry.    

Next we visited Cheryl’s aunt Rose and her cousin Cindy.  Some of you may be familiar with the Walla Walla Balloon Stampede.  Rose and her late husband Bill (Cheryl’s uncle) started it 40 years ago as a friendly get together at their house and it has grown into a major event for the city of Walla Walla. Rose is a sweet person and we always enjoy our visits.  She remembered how much Cheryl and I enjoy Sweet Basil Pizza and had some waiting for us for lunch.  We had a wonderful time reminiscing and catching up with both of them.  

From there we went to the Beldsoe Family Winery (Go Cougs!) tasting room to meet our good friends John and Vickiy for a glass (or two) of wine.  They have been friends for years and seem to find a way to meet us on our different adventures.  They met us on the ride down to San Francisco (Day 12) and caught up with us in Amsterdam too (May in Amsterdam).  Third time was a charm today.  It is always great to see them.

Though there was still shopping to be done, a pile of laundry calling our name and some minor maintenance items to take care of, we heard the sound of a good IPA and a quesadilla (which was louder than the laundry) at the Big House Brew Pub.  The beer was tasty (Solidarity IPA) and food was good and service was outstanding.  Zuri even got ice in her water.  It was warm out but seriously?  Ice water for the dog?  I had to take a picture because I know you would never believe me.  It's there.  Just look closely.  

We figured it was time to head back and be responsible and get some things done.  After a trip to the store to resupply, we headed to the RV park to finish up the day.  I had completely worn out my cycling cleats and needed to replace them (part of the $266).  I was lucky I could keep my feet in the pedals.  While I did that, Cheryl started a load of laundry and before you knew it Rest Day 1 was complete.  I can tell right now, even though I thoroughly enjoy cycling on the open road, I'm going to really look forward to the rest days!

Weather is starting to heat up but since I went long on Wednesday to get to Walla Walla (great decision by the way), I will have a shorter ride to Dayton tomorrow.  A nice way to ease back into the riding routine.

Until then.....


  1. You had a BUSY day. No rest for the weary. We sure enjoyed our visit with the two of you. Glad you got to go to Big House. Beautiful day today for your ride to Dayton.

    1. Thanks for the wine John. Loved visiting with you and Vickiy

  2. Johnny and I can't stop reflecting on the FUN, special, and always hilarious visit we had with you and Cheryl. Thanks for carving out the time . . . so ooo appreciative of that and your blog. We're here with you!!! Tons of virtual support. PS Cutest dog!

    1. You and John are terrific. We love seeing you on our adventures! Thanks for the wine!