Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Day 14 - Rest Day in Lincoln

Rest day number 2 in Lincoln MT home of the Unabomber (just learned that today).  It felt good to sleep in today and take a break from the bike (no red Strava line). I took a walk with Zuri down to the local espresso cart for a cup of coffee to start things off.  Two days in a row with morning coffee!  Wow.

We caught up on some email and did some clean up on the RV then it was out to explore Lincoln.  Richard gave us the scoop on the Sculptures in the Wild exhibit just outside Lincoln.  A very unique experience, walking through the forest seeing these beautiful works of art. 

We moved the RV to a site with full hook ups so we could fill up and empty tanks for tomorrow.  It had been awhile since I had cleaned my drive train on the bike so I decided to put this new product recommended by Riley in Walla Walla to the test.  The procedure was so simple I was skeptical it would work.  Spray it on (brushing optional) wait a minute and wash it off with water. Hell, even I can do that.  I did use a brush but I will attest, the results were incredible.  The chain and gears were sparkling clean. Muc Off Drive Train Cleaner if you need a spokes person, I'm here for you.

A short time later the big event of the day happened.  Skip and Betty arrived!  They have been on their own excursion around Montana and have not been home in a week so we sure appreciate them extending their time to be with Cheryl and I.  They will continue on our journey for two days to Townsend.  

After a couple hours sitting in camp catching up, it was time to see what the local pubs and restaurants had to offer.  We wanted to have dinner at the Montanan Steakhouse (Montanan) but it was a little early for dinner so we walked across the street to the Wilderness Bar (no website) for a beer.  We order four Pale Ales from Lewis and Clark Brewery (pints mind you).  Cheryl offered to buy the first round and when the bill arrived the bartender said "that will be $12."  Cheryl then replied "No, I would like to pay for the round." Then the bartender said "that will be $12."  $3 pints!  I'm moving to Lincoln!

The atmosphere was what you would expect in a tavern in a small Montana town.  Complete with the young boys sharpening their pool playing abilities and a Texas Hold'em game going on the side.  We had a good time there.  

It was back to the Montana for dinner and it was delicious.  Richard recommended the Au gratin potatoes and they were amazing.  All in all, we owe Richard a big thank you for all of his advice.  He was spot on.

Rest day number 2 in the books and it was a lot of fun.  Thank you Lincoln.  Back on the bike tomorrow to Helena.  Weather looks terrific.  Excited to get back on HWY 200 with Skip.

Until then....


  1. Days of rest are awesome. I'm on my 4,760th and loving it. Sounds like a fun day with Skip and Betty. $3 pints: icing on the cake. Enjoy today's ride with Skip.

  2. Ya great tine in Lincoln. You at eight, beer prices were icing on the cake.

  3. Ya great tine in Lincoln. You at eight, beer prices were icing on the cake.

  4. Ya great tine in Lincoln. You at eight, beer prices were icing on the cake.