Thursday, June 24, 2021

Day 12 - Missoula!

Started the day from LoLo Hot Springs.  I had to get a starting picture of the RV "office."  They don't use it anymore and you check in across the street.  They keep the building as that is were the only Wifi for the park is.  You would see campers gathered around the buildings checking their phones and talking.  Consider it the  modern day watering hole.  

The morning ride was just how I like’em, all downhill.  Though it was chilly with a few sprinkles it was a nice morning.  I covered 32 miles to Missoula in about an hour and 45 minutes.  I went faster than normal because of my sleek aerodynamic appearance (I finally shaved last night).  It was only 9:45 am when we pulled into Walmart for a break.  Yes Walmart, our favorite RV park.  We didn’t spend the night but did stay there for a couple hours to catch up with civilization since we had been without cell service for two days.   

Since the first 32 miles were so easy today, we decided to continue past Missoula for 15 miles to get a jump on tomorrow’s trek to Lincoln.  The wind was at my back, so I continued with my best pace of the trip so far.  No official records due to geography and wind aided but still nice riding.  The scenery is different than what we’ve seen thus far but still just as beautiful.  You will notice the aftermath from the recent wildfires.  Such a bummer.  Also rode through the University of Montana Campus.  Didn't plan it, I just followed Siri's directions (see I learn).

The afternoon was uneventful as we did some shopping and had a nice lunch at Iron Horse brew pub (Iron Horse).  We opted out of Walmart because we got a much better offer to spend the night in the driveway of our good friends Skip and Betty (for the record, they offered us the house).  Unfortunately they are out of town and we missed them today, but we are excited they will be joining the tour Friday!  The good news for us is that their son Kyle and girlfriend Chanelle are house/dog sitting so we had the pleasure of having dinner and being with them all evening.  It was delightful. 

Not much more to report on today.  Kind of scary that I haven't got lost in three days and everything seems to be running smoothly.  I am excited for my second rest day Friday in the often imitated but never duplicated city of Lincoln Montana.  We will also be meeting up with Skip and Betty.  We can not wait!

Until then........


  1. Downhill! My kind of bike riding. Keep up the not-getting-lost days. The barn picture is beautiful. Say "hi" to Skip and Betty.

  2. Yahoo for a downhill ride day!!! "" on JVB give Skip and Betty a big hi and hug😀