Sunday, June 13, 2021

Day 1 - Let's get this party started!

Well we officially started today.  Let's backup a minute to last night though.  Somehow we got everything with think we will need for 90 days loaded up in the Jamboree.  We were all stressed out about forgetting something, but the reality is, all I need is my wallet and phone and I'm good.  Anything else

we need along the way is what they make credit cards for.  We expected to leave for Fort Stevens by 3 pm and of course we didn't enter the on ramp to HWY 26 until 5:30 pm. We needed to get some food for dinner but thought hey, quick stop in Seaside and we'll still be at Fort Stevens way before sundown.  We can even check out the starting spot for tomorrow!  Of course we stumbled on a fantastic tap house/bottle shop (Hop & Vine Bottle Shop and Tap House) for a beer and then dinner to go at Finns Fish House and next thing you know we are arriving at Fort Stevens at 9:30 pm!

Greg and Krissie our great friends for over 35 years will join us for the first 4 days and and arrived at 10:30 pm so we stayed up until 12:30 am laughing and drinking wine.  70 mile ride tomorrow to start a 3700 mile trek?  Ahh hell with it, that's 6 hours away!  

7:00 am came early. Complete with dry mouth and headache but the adrenaline from thinking of what lies ahead got me "up and att'em."

Though we knew we would forget things (see credit card comment above) but the first day? and my water bottles?  Seriously, I forgot my water bottles!  No problem, I can use a used Core water container until we find a bike shop to buy some new ones (see credit card comment above). 

We hiked down to the beach for the ceremonial Instagram photo and it occurred to me what a fantastic adventure we were ready to embark on.  How fortunate am I to have a work situation that allows this, a partner to support me and friends and family to share in the experience.  My cup is full and I am so grateful!

Greg will join me me for the first 4 days and I am so happy that he and his wife Krissie are sharing in this experience from the very beginning.  We started the day in our alma mater jersey's.  For those of you who did not follow us on the trip to San Francisco you will need to check out the past history earlier on this blog (Deavs).  I will not try and replicate it here as you have to read the original.  That said, the Deavs were in full force as we began Day 1 of the journey.  

The big debate was do we take the bikes down and risk getting sand in the gears or do we stay in the parking lot and have Shannon and Skip give me shit on First Take when I finish.  "Is Winks for real?  Did he really go coast to coast?"  So we decided to carry the bikes down and put them in the wet sand.  Of course it was low tide and we had to walk an extra 100 yards to the water.  Ugh.  The things you do for that damn Instagram post!  We grabbed some sand and will carry it with us to Portland ME (still not used to saying that) and drop it on the east coast to build some east coast/west coast harmony.  Please don't tell the Bureau of Land Management as I'm sure there is some law against this.  

Once we got started, the ride itself was uneventful.  It was long, lots of elevation change and heavy

head winds but we got through it.  75 miles, 3300 feet of climb and 2 sore butts.  We forgot to apply Chamois Butt'r before the ride (if you know, you know) which we wish we would have.  Still trying to find the pre ride routine.  Rest assured, I laid it out on the counter for tomorrow.  

Cheryl and Krissie had the camp site all laid out for us when we arrived and a wonderful BBQ dinner and some wine and beer.  Nothing quite like a long ride, a couple beers and a good meal to put you down eh Greg?  I know how you feel buddy.  The good news is we get to do this all over again tomorrow.  The forecast is for RAIN!!  Damn!  Not looking forward to that.  Is it too early to take a rest day?

I'll let you know what we decide.....



  1. Congrats on Day 1, Chris! Great narration. I’m gonna pick highlights to share at weekly staff!

  2. Way to go Chris! We are cheering you on!!

  3. Off and running (riding)! The picture of Greg asleep says it all. I vote for Cheryl and Krissie as co-MVPs for Day 1.

  4. Chris, Congrats on getting this adventure kicked off! Looking forward to following your blog and your progress. Wishing you resilient tubes and wide berths from passing cars. Godspeed, Brent

  5. Definately an epic ride. Getting Jack in shape to join you.

    Requested to follow you on strava.