Thursday, June 17, 2021

Day 5 - Pushing through to Walla Walla

Today is the first solo riding day.  The weather is supposed to be spectacular and unlike other days, I actually believe this forecast.  As I mentioned yesterday, the ride from Maryhill to Crow Butte is completely isolated.  Not a store, a gas station or anything for over 80 miles.  With 4 of us in the RV we are low on supplies so we will have to make due until we visit a grocery store today.  So breakfast was a little different this morning.  Cheryl usually make these delicious egg sandwiches with bacon, cheese on an English muffin. We are out of eggs so Jimmy Dean had to step in.  We really need to get to a store! 

The plan was to get to Wallua since it is a town about 60 miles from Crow Butte.  But as is painfully obvious from the first 4 days, I'm not the best planner.  Yes, Wallua is a town, but with a population of 342 people and the fact that tomorrow is a rest day, we decided to press on an extra 25 miles to Walla Walla.  It makes for a long day but it made way more sense as we can relax when visiting Cheryl's aunt, taste a few wines before we go shopping. 

We had some big news yesterday that my brother in law, Jack, has decided to join the ride from Helena MT to Mt Rushmore.  Jack was the one who got me started in cycling.  About 15 years ago he said "I'm doing Seattle To Portland in a day, what to join me?"  My tactic is to involve alcohol when asking people to join me (ie Greg) but in this case I was completely sober and still said yes.  So I got a bike, started training and was hooked.  Jack and I have ridden a lot of miles together so I am very excited to have him join the party.  The schedule has been updated on the Route page.  South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin are still wide open.  Just sayin'

The interesting part of the story is that Jack mentioned that another riding partner of ours, Craig, who is retired and from Montana, may head over, visit family and join us for a day.  So as I'm barreling down HWY 14 listening to Spodify's "80s Top Hits" playlist, I see a familiar face on the side of the road.  It's CRAIG!  I slam on the brakes....."What the hell are you doing out here?" I ask. "I'm heading to Montana to join you!" he replies.  Wow, so great to see Craig in such an unexpected place.  

I continued on the days ride to Walla Walla and regrettably I didn’t stumble upon any famous people or
other friends I knew but it sure was a nice ride. For the most part the roads were good and shoulders were wide. Traffic was pretty heavy but with a wide shoulder it was fine. The scenery was really beautiful. 

As a final, unexpected treat to the day, an “old” coworker (maybe I should say “previous” as he’s no older than me) came to Walla Walla. Cheryl and I had not seen Jim and his wife Josie for probably 20 years so it was really fun to catch up over a beer (wine is tomorrow). 

So that’s it for Day 5. Day 6 is a rest day and I am really looking forward to it and the wine. 

Until then…..


  1. Riding for more than five hours; and at a pretty fast pace of nearly 16 mph. That's amazing! My butt hurts just thinking about it. Hope to see you and Cheryl Thursday afternoon in Walla Walla for a glass of wine.

    1. Not too bad. Legs and butt getting in shape. Rest day welcome though. See you later today!!