Monday, June 14, 2021

Day 2 - Starting Up The Gorge

First things first.  I need to make a public apology to Greg for my poor route planning on this trip.  Anyone with an ounce of planning aptitude would have started the journey slow with low mileage, then increase over the succeeding days. But nooooooo, not me!  I front end loaded all the tough days.  As if yesterdays 75 mile 3300 ft day wasn't hard enough, we decided to go 84 miles and 3200 the RAIN today.  No wonder I have open slots for partners to ride with me!   Anyway, thanks Greg, for being such a good sport.  

As mentioned, today was a rain day.  So I naturally grabbed my Tyvek coat.  Though I hadn't worn it since it was included in my Seattle to Portland participant packet, I was a little surprised how snug it felt.  I know age and gravity have not been kind to me but really?  I can't fit into my clothes from four years ago?  As it turns out, we had 5 STP Tyvek jackets in the closet.  4 for me and 1 from when Cheryl rode STP.  Not thinking (shocker) when I packed, I just grabbed one, I still had an 80% chance to grab one of mine, but which one did I grab?  Look at the picture and tell me yourself.  The fact I can't zip it might give you a clue. Get the credit card ready.  I do look pretty buff in it though. 

Funny that I live in the Portland area, but being on this cross country ride and starting at the coast, coming into Portland felt like I was entering a new town.  Greg and I stopped on the Broadway bridge and took pictures and pointed out all the sites "Hey look there's the Moda Center!"  I even called my daughter Jenna.  "Jenna, you'll never guess what?  I'm in town riding on my cross country trip.  Grab the family and we'll get together!" Most of family was out of town but Jenna, Haylie and Karl met us with coffee and pastries for a mid ride break.  It was our best break so far.  Thank you!

The ride through Portland was really nice.  We ended up north on the bike path along Marine Dr.  It is a fantastic bike path that extends all the way to Troutdale.  Everything was dandy, the rain had stopped and we were making good time then just as we were getting on the Old Columbia Hwy it happened. A flat tire!  Day 2 and a flat tire!  There are few things I dislike more than a flat tire. There are few things I am worse at than fixing a flat tire. Other cyclists come by and ask if I need help and of course I want to say "hell yes change this for me" but my ego will not allow that.  There was a chunk out of the tire so we called AAA (ie Cheryl and Krissie) and they swung by with a spare.  Between Greg and I, two YouTube videos and a few choice words, we struggled through it and we were back on the road in no time. (well, seemed like about an hour later).  

The ride through the Gorge on the Old Columbia Hwy up to the Vista House is beautiful.  I do mean "up."  It is a pretty good trek but well worth it.  Even though it was cloudy, the view is tremendous.  I took a minute to gather my thoughts and get an Instagram pic.  What do you think? 

We rolled into the Cascade Locks KOA into a slightly different situation than yesterday.  No BBQ, no chairs out, no cooler of beer (actually there's always a cooler of beer), but the rain required a change of plans.  No problem Skamania Lodge is just up the road so after a shower and a beer to relax we headed out for a nice meal.  

Weather forecast is for rain again tomorrow.  Too bad summer in Oregon doesn't start until July 4.  Oh well, at least I have a Tyvek jacket.

Until then....

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  1. Looking soooo GOOD!!! You and Greg are an incredible team. LOVING your reflections and cracking up as always. HOPE we get to see you SOON! Skamania for dinner after the women were at Maryhill Winery all day??? Maybe just a quick tasting. They know how to pass the time waiting on you guys! Vickiy VB