Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Day 18 - Doing work in my jersey and shorts

Well, the peloton is down to just two.  Me and Jack.  Unfortunately we had to leave the beautiful campsite at Martinsdale Reservoir but we have a big day ahead of us as we travel 72 miles southeast.  

It was a beautiful morning with another tailwind as we left the closed city of Martinsdale to the open (hopefully) city of Lavina.  We had to resupply and dump the tanks in Harlowton 27 miles down the road so our plan was to briefly rendezvous there and continue on.  Jack an I were flying with an average

speed of over 20 mph for those 27 mile (wish it would have lasted.)  Harlowton is a nice little town with all the services we needed and Cheryl found a spot to dump/fill our tanks and we were ready to roll.  As you see here and later on, I did a lot of non biking in my jersey and shorts today.  Probably not a welcome site in these parts of Montana (who's this yayhoo!)

A few days ago a rivet fell out of the exterior door, and now the screen door wasn't working quite right.  Looking closer at the remaining rivets I notice a few more had fallen out as well.  I was really nervous that it was only a matter of time that more rivets would fall out and the door would completely fall off in Ortonville MN.  I knew the fix but I had no drill to drill out the rivets and replace with screws.  So as we passed Central Lumber and Hardware and I was drawn to the store like Zuri to a biscuit knowing this was my chance.  I walk into the store in my jersey and shorts and the clerk and people at the register went silent and all eyes followed me as I walked back to the drill section.  Robb cautiously approached me looking at me with his head tilted slightly "may I help you son?"  After I explained my predicament he suggested I buy a bit and screws and graciously offered me the use of the store drill if I made the repair on site.  So I did.  BOOM!  Success right there across the street from the store!  Yes in my jersey and shorts! 

Following the completion of the repair I thanked Robb for saving me and during our short conversation I mentioned our evening in "closed" Martinsdale and he said "Monday is a bad day to be in Martinsdale."  I thought "geez Robb you sound just like the post office lady!"

So we continued on to our next meeting place, Ryegate.  A few miles outside Ryegate I see the RV parked next to a little roadside café called the Stage Stop.  Part of our plan is to checkout as many local establishments as possible so that's just what Cheryl did.  As we walked into café, Emilie the owner said "well, what do we have here" (of course referring to our "un Montana" clothing.)  We had a lengthy conversation about our trip across the café in earshot of the entire restaurant before we even sat down.

A lovely couple Robin and Darryl (two of the 7 there who heard our cross cafe conversation with Emilie) who are wheat farmers from Ryegate came over to visit and we had a wonderful conversation.  I so enjoy meeting people in various places on the road.  

Though we had a very successful morning, we were WAY behind schedule and the temperature was climbing fast.  We made it to Ryegate for a break and drink another GALLON of liquid and you'll never guess who pulls up to the RV.  CRAIG!  He drove from Great Falls to meet us and retrieve his bike.  Huge rally on his part to save a trip to Billings tomorrow.  It was nice to see him and thank him for being a part of the journey.  After unloading his bike, we started on the final 18 mile leg to Lavina in the 90 degree heat. It was brutal.  Trucks, heat, little shoulder and headwind.  A terrible combination.  

Finally within eyesight of Lavina we stop at the Cozy Corner Bar for a beer and a discussion on our

next move.  We had planned to dry camp in Lavina but it was sooooo hot and we wanted the AC but not run the generator all night so we opted to drive to Broadview, 15 miles down the road.  We will then come back tomorrow and start from where we left off today.  Great choice as we had a nice dinner and I am sitting in a nice cool RV as I right this.  

As if all of this was not enough for one day, today marks the 1000 mile milestone for the trip and another gift from my wonderful kids.  They are so

thoughtful and Cheryl and I appreciate these fun opportunities to have them join us in spirit with these terrific gifts.  I am so lucky to have them in my life.  

Tomorrow we head to Billings and hopefully a trip to Beartooth Pass (no we are not riding it!)

Until then....


  1. So cool how you are meeting fun people along your journey. The Stage Stop looks like a cute little place. Nice work on the door repair. 1000 miles in the books! Wow! That's got to feel good.

  2. You're an inspiration . . we are getting ready for a Rail Trail bike ride in Park City. Cheryl's breakfast sandwich would be fabulous but 2nd choice 5 Seeds Cafe. Acai Bowl for me Pulled Pork Benedict for Johnny. Praying that you have the GOOD tail winds gods with you today and NO Sh__!

  3. Thank you both. LOVE meeting new people along the way! So much fun and you learn so much.

  4. 1k away from home. Much different than 1k to the bay! A huge milestone dad, so proud and excited for you!

    1. Thanks Kyle. Ya it’s a long freaking way with 2700 more to go. Can’t wait for you to join!

    2. Thanks Kyle. A long way with 2700 more. Can’t wait for you to join.

  5. 1K! WHOOP! Into the middle of nowhere MT HA. There is a very good chance the stage stop was an actual stage coach stop back in the day. The state is littered with them especially in Eastern MT.

  6. We LOVE places like that. Invariably, the people are always super nice.