Sunday, November 19, 2023

Day 9 - Our last Day!

Today is our last day of the cruise as we stop for a relaxing day on the island of Coco Cay.  Coco Cay is an island that is owned by Royal Caribbean.  It's pretty ,cool in that its just an extension of the ship but you are on land.  There are waterslides, beaches with chairs and umbrellas, restaurants and of course, more bars.  Just a great place to relax with everything still included.  Paddle boards, volleyball, basketball all happening. Want a burger?  No problem.  Want a Frozen Mudslide? No problem.  

It's a nice concept and we spent some time just relaxing by the ocean then walked around the entire island.  

After that, we headed back to the ship. A little sad knowing tonight is our last night on the ship.  Probably a good thing as we are worn out.  We frequently talk about a 14 day cruise but I don't think our bodies could take it!

Still a lot left to do however.  Saturday afternoon was the Rugby World Cup final (nope, I didn't know either) between South Africa and New Zealand.  Just so happens that there was a large contingent of South African fans on board. I don't know much about Rugby but it was an exciting one point game and fortunately South Africa won or there could have been trouble.   

The seas have calmed down and two shows are schedule for tonight so we are ending with a bang.  But first, one final trivia game.  This time it was Michael Jackson songs.  14/20!  Not a bad way to end it.

The two shows were Fine Line and Grease.  Fine line was a water show on the back of the ship.  It had dancers, divers, lights and water splashing everywhere.  It was very unique and fun to watch.  After the show was over, we had to high tail it to the front of the ship (no small task I must say) to get seats for Grease.  I have seen the movie Grease and mulitple plays and this was as good if not better than any of them.  It was a young cast but their talent and enthusiasm was amazing. After the show, we had to get back to the cabin and finish packing as they pick up luggage the night before.  

We scheduled this cruise during Christmas so we had 10 months to look forward to it and it was worth the wait.  Great weather and a magnificent ship ship.  Can't wait for the next cruise but we need to go home a dry out a bit. 

So until the next adventure.... 

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