Sunday, November 19, 2023

Day 8 - Don't fold those clothes!

We are on our way to our final stop, the Royal Caribbean Island of Coco Cay.  Another day at sea on the ship.  We love these.  We started the day as we usually do in the gym.  With the ocean still being a little rough thanks to Tammie, my session on the elliptical was interesting.  Feeling the ship rock back and forth, forward and back, while trying to move your arms and legs back and forth added a new dimension to my exercise routine.  Interesting.

When I got back to shower, I got ready to toss my wet clothes on the corner on the floor like I normally do and noticed that all my old clothes were folded.  For those who have never been on a cruise, one thing to look forward to is exceptional service.  That said, I did not expect the steward to even TOUCH my nasty sweaty clothes, let along FOLD them.  Of course I told Archie that I appreciated what he did but it was not necessary.  

Still on a mission to visit every bar on the ship we headed to Central Park on deck 8.  Surprisingly, we haven't spent much time in Central park even though our balcony overlooks this beautiful part of the ship. 

It is a massive terrarium with restaurants and of course bars.  Tonight we each got a glass of wine at the Trellis Bar.  Very nice and peaceful with outdoor furniture and a guitar playing in the background.  

Time for another try at trivia.  This time it was sports trivia!  Got to be a lock for me right?  Well, it was much better.  We answered 12/15 correctly and even got second place!  I didn't know a hockey puck was an inch thick.  I was thinking 1.5.  Should have phoned a friend. (my Canadian college roommate.  Hey Marv!)

We had another bar to visit.  This one raises and lowers three decks.  Starts on the Promenade (deck 5 and goes up to Central Park (deck 8).  Doesn't go too fast for obvious reasons but it's pretty cool slowly rising above everyone while you sip a drink.  While in the promenade they had a passenger flash mob which was fun to watch.

Finally, the moment we have all be waiting for......Bingo.  No cruise would be complete without a Bingo session.  Of course we participated and of course we didn't win.  It's always fun.  Hey, we are 60 now and that's what you due.  I think we'll hit the local church or Elks Club when we get home.

Tomorrow is our last stop.  Coco Cay Island.

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