Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Day 4 - Because its there!

We are heading to the Virgin Islands (St Maarten and St Thomas specifically) which are waaaaay further south than I realized.  We're talking down near Venezuela!  So to get there, our first two days will be at sea.  Honestly, Cheryl and I enjoy the days at sea just as much as the ports of call.  There is always so much to do on these massive ships and if you simply want to relax on the deck you can always do that too!  Oh ya and then there is that unlimited drink card.  Got get our (well, the kids) money's worth on that baby.  

For the first time ever, we splurged and got a balcony off of our room.  Typically we go double economy and sleep with the crew down in the bowels of the ship.  It was nice having light in the room as the sun came up as well as being able to get outside for fresh air.  We didn't get an ocean view but it was nice just the same.  We decided to start with room service and breakfast on the balcony!  Not a bad way to start the day.   

Since eating and drinking will be a primary focus of the trip (shocker), we figured we should start each day in the gym.  Working out at sea always has a little different feel as you look out the window and see miles of ocean in front of you.  It's pretty nice. 

After working up a good sweat, we decided to walk back to the room to change clothes, get our sunglasses and start enjoying the ship.  As often happens, we walked by a restaurant and got distracted and had to drop in for a little snack. Hey, we worked out, it's OK!

We noted looking at the schedule for the week that there are lots of opportunity to try our hand at trivia and "name that tune."  Will be fun to see how we do on some of these.  The first on was name that tune 2000s edition.  Listening to the songs and watching the younger people zip right through them we knew we were out of our league and would be off to a shaky start.  We got 2/17.  2/17!! Ouch.  Later that day was straight trivia.  2/20.  2/20!!  Double ouch.  Its tough to even write that!  Could be a long week in this department.

On the back of the ship is an 8 story non water slide call the abyss.  We obviously had to try that.  There is also two rock climbing walls on the back of the ship we had to try as well.  Why?  Because it's there!  Can't remember the last time either of us rocked climbed, and considering my performance this time it might be a while before I attempt again.  Hey, at least we rang the bell (even though it was only half way up!).  Alex Honnold has nothing to worry about.

Every night they have a theme for the dinner.  Tonight is formal night and somehow we didn't get the memo (big surprise there) and didn't bring any formal attire.  I asked one of the employees if there was a place to buy/rent something formal for tonight and his words were "why do you give a shit, you are on vacation.  Do want you want."  Pretty good advice I must say.

As I mentioned yesterday, we could not communicate with our dinner tablemates, and the servers noticed this and actually found us a new table to sit at for the remainder of the cruise.  I felt bad simply not showing up for dinner so I asked if they had an interpreter to accompany me to the table to explain the situation to the two couples.  Of course they did and the interpreter explained the whole thing, we shook hands and that was that.  Worked out great!  Our new couple was from West Palm Beach, but Ukraine natives.  Very interesting couple who have many interesting stories to tell.  Going to be interesting dinners!

Busy evening with one more name that tune (women singers which we got 9/17!), Monday Night Football and a show in the main theater.  

Monday Night Football was awesome.  They play it on the big screen at the back of the ship.  Doesn't get much better than watching Monday Night Football on a ship in the Caribbean with an Old Fashioned in your hand.  Who played?  Who won?  I don't remember and don't care.  We're cruising baby!

We finished up the day with singer Mark Preston.  We didn't know who he was, but found out during the show he was one of "The Letterman" a famous trio from the 70s.  Once we heard the songs we immediately recognized them.  He was a little cheesy and had that "lounge singer" way about him but it was fun nevertheless.  


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