Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Day 5 - Roasted Marshmallows

Got started a little slow this morning.  I didn't mention in yesterday's recap that there is also a midnight celebration and balloon drop (think New Year's Celebration) and of course we had to participate in that and the dance party after.  I probably forgot to mention the additional drinks we got and a couple of slices of pizza for good measure.  Ended up being a 2 am bedtime for people celebrating their 40th anniversary.  Doubt that will happen again on this cruise.

I am proud to say that we did manage to get another workout in to set us up for another guilt free day of partying during our second day at sea.

Where to begin.  Of course no cruise would be complete without a few trips down the waterslide.  Rock

climbing yesterday, water slides today.  Just like a couple kids! I must say, I enjoyed the stairs going up more than rock climbing and the way down wasn't too shabby either.  There are three different slides (blue, yellow and green).  Most everyone likes the green route but my fat butt always got stuck halfway down so I preferred blue.  

Based on our trivia performance yesterday we skipped that activity today.  They had a sexiest man competition that all the people around me were of course screaming for me to volunteer for (or maybe it was the 25 year old body builder next to me) but regardless, I decided to sit this one out.  

Cheryl and I did volunteer to be in the "newlywed game" but apparently 40 years disqualified us.  

Until you've been on a ship like this, you have no idea how to comprehend how big these things are.  They actually had a parade go through the promenade.  Yes a parade. It was a celebration of all the various holidays throughout the year.  Fun to watch.  

It wouldn't be a daily recap without mentioning a special drink I had.  Only in the Schooner Lounge do they have the roasted marshmallow Old Fashioned.  Comes with 4 roasted marshmallows on a toothpick.  Delicious! 

Getting off the ship tomorrow at St Maartens!

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