Saturday, November 4, 2023

Day 2 Alligators and Cougars

Today was a planned South Florida tourist day but there are two other important task to accomplish. 1) we want to watch the Cougs take on the Ducks and 2) we need to get our 3rd piece of luggage. Yes 3 tasks but I think it is manageable. We started out with a continental breakfast at the hotel. They had these premade, plain egg omelet but no cheese bacon/sausage, hash browns to go with it. So I decided to throw the egg onto a bagel with cream cheese (isnt cheese, cheese?). Well, it wasn’t to good. Failed experiment. Oh well, the waffles were pretty good so that will get me by until lunch. 
So off to the Everglades in the smoke car we went. A pleasant 45 minute drive with the windows down for fresh air. With only a few hours, it is impossible to even scratch the surface of the 1.5 million acre National Park so we decided on a 2 hour guided tour from Shark Valley visitor center. The tram travels an 8 mile road to the observation tower but stops are made whenever wildlife is spotted which is about every 100 feet. It was really interesting and our tour guides Eve and Kelly were fantastic (notice who's in the review mirror in the picture). We met our goal and saw a few alligators, including lot of babies since it is hatching season. One was literally 3-4 feet from me when we stopped the tram. Unfortunately no Gentle Ben sightings. 

We got the recommendation to visit a place called Superblue.  It's a gallery of sorts where the exhibits use light in various forms.  It is a very unique place to say the least.   There are only 4 sections  that use light images on the walls, hanging light bulbs and mirrors to provide interesting visual sensations.  It's one way traffic so once you leave you can't go back so you need to go slow and take it all in.  It was really fun and we were glad we went

Headed to downtown Miami to find a good place to watch the Coug/Duck game and stumbled on a terrific place called 42 Taps.  Not sure why it's called that because from what I could tell they had only about 10 or so beers on tap but that was fine with me.  I only need one good IPA and they had a few and of course I had a few!  The Cougs made it a game for the first half and got crushed after that.  

As we were finishing up at 42 Taps we got the good news that Delta had located our luggage and it was delivered to our hotel!  We went 3 for 3 on our tasks today!  Hitting our stride as we getting ready for the cruise to start TOMORROW!

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