Sunday, November 19, 2023

Day 7 - Relaxing on Megan Beach

Todays stop is St Thomas, an Island that is part of the Virgin Islands.  We decided to be a little more intentional about making sure we see more of the island than we did in St Maarten.  So we grabbed our swimsuits, sun glasses and towels and off we went.  We didn't sign up for a shore excursion but noticed a lot of vendors offering places to go.  We met a lady named Allison who suggested Megan Beach.  It was on the other side of the island so we figure that would be good as we would get an opportunity to see the island as we drove there.  Boom, $45 round trip on taxi 356 and the day is planned!  It was a nice drive and we got some beautiful views of the island as we drove over the "mountain" to Megan's Beach.

The water this far south in Caribbean is the light turquoise blue and so beautiful.  It is VERY warm.

Though it is cooler than the outside temperature, its not by much.  We spent pretty much the entire day just laying on the beach and swimming in the ocean.  Not a bad day in St Thomas.

By the time we got on the ship we were starving so we had to scout out a restaurant.  The Harmony of the sees has 16 restaurants and 21 bars and our goal was to hit everyone of them.  We hadn't tried the solarium bistro which is in the "adult only" section of the ship.  Surprisingly they let us in!

There was a knockout tournament on the basketball court scheduled for today.  I was going to give that try and see how bad I could embarrass myself but due to the rough seas, it was cancelled.  Probably a good thing!

The rough seas also caused the shows to be cancelled but that was fine with me.  Another opportunity to sit on the back of the ship and watch Thursday Night Football on the big screen.  I love that!

One of the fun activities on Harmony is the robotic drink maker.  It is pretty amazing how it works. 

You decide what type of drink you want and type it in on the iPad.  Kind of alcohol, mixer, garnishes and even if you want it shaken or stirred (you hear that 007?)  Once you submit your order it is shown in queue on the big screen.  This would be the perfect addition to a man cave!  

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