Saturday, November 18, 2023

Day 6 - I'll Take a Mudslide

After 2 days at sea we are going to land at St. Maarten's Island.  As I mentioned earlier I was shocked to see how far south the island is.  If nothing else, the cruise is good for my geography.  It's part of the Netherlands so it made us think of our time in Amsterdam though I don't remember these beaches and beautiful weather when we were in The Netherlands.  I's not very big and only has a population of 43,000.  We didn't plan a formal excursion and decided to just walk and explore.  It was REALLY warm and humid.  Like 90 degrees and 90% humidity so we didn't do a lot.  

We purposely didnt sign up for the internet package so we could "disconnect" but we wanted to communicate with the family plus there were some on-line personal tasks we had to take care of so we scouted out a nice place for lunch and WiFi access.  We came upon Oualichi and had a terrific nacho and the view wasn't too bad either.  After catching up on email, sending out some pictures and tying up loose ends we did a little shopping (got a cigar in case on got the urge for a late night stogie on the deck of the ship!)

St Maarten is a nice little island with some great beaches but we didn't come prepared with our swimsuits and the heat and humidity was killing us so after a few hours we figured let's head back to the ship for some ship activities and some water sliding to beat the heat.  It's always nice to come back to the ship a little early as there are not many people and you have the ship to yourself.  

We love to watch the ship leave the dock but before that I have to get my traditional "departure drink."
I was going to get my basic Gin and Tonic or maybe a beer but I watched the bartender put some vodka, Kahlua, Baileys, in a blender full of ice.  As the blender was doing its thing, he took chocolate syrup and lined the inside of the glass with it.  He poured the ice mixture in the glass and handed to the happy customer and I said "heck with the Gin and Tonic, I want one of those!"  Turned out it is a Frozen Mudslide and it was delicious.  That's my new "departure drink."
No shows tonight as the water is a little rough from the remnants of Hurricane Tammie.  We did another round of trivia.  Madonna songs.  5/15 and our strong performance continues.  

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