Thursday, September 15, 2022

Day 4 - this is why we ride.

Today started out very well as I slept great.  I didn’t wake up until 5:45!  Might have had something to do with that poor decision to do the extended ride yesterday, or maybe the IPAs, but either way, I’m not complaining. 

We got antsy to get going knowing we had to pack up camp this morning so we decided to hit breakfast early. It was the best breakfast yet.  Large sausage links and French Toast to go along with our usual eggs and potatoes.   An unexpected bonus was that I got to taste the sausage twice as I was burping it up all ride long. 

About the ride. Today we traveled to Mitchell Oregon (pop 130). For those of you keeping track, it is 10 people bigger than Monument so we are excited to stay in a larger town. The route was 45 miles with 3900 feet of climb.  (no chart because I have no cell service….again). Let me say, this route is why people participate in Cycle Oregon. It was, in a word, spectacular!  One of the best rides of my life (bold statement I know). At times, it felt like we were riding through the Grand Canyon and the road was the Colorado River.  It was simply amazing looking up at the beautiful landscape mile after mile. Ian would be disappointed that I can’t tell you the specific names of the formations we encountered, but I do know there were some pretty cool rocks!  

Cheryl and I frequently talk about restoring an old car or truck and cruising on a nice summer day. Along the route today I came across this beauty. I may have to come back here and make an offer!

In addition the truck/planter, we saw some interesting wildlife (note its not behind a fence)

All in all, a fantastic day to be on the road, on a bike, in central Oregon.  

We arrived in Mitchell a little earlier since we were antsy to get started this morning and it was a shorter ride. Camp is a little over a mile out of town and we were told there would be a shuttle to take us in to see how the 10 extra people delineate Mitchell from Monument. We set up camp, showered, and eagerly walked to the shuttle loading area but there was no shuttle. “Why is there no shuttle?” we asked. “Sorry, the driver forgot he had the school bus route this afternoon, it will be delayed.”  Ahhhh you got to love a small town. 

Since we will spend two nights in Mitchell, we decided to hang out in camp for the evening (I’m confident one night will be eno do ugh to see everything in Mitchell).  I decided to grab a beer (big surprise there) and I ran into an ex teammate of mine from Nike, Steve.  It was nice catching up with him. He is on the Cycle Oregon Board of Directors and they happened to be serving the food at dinner tonight. Thanks for the extra helping of rice Steve!

Another memorable day with Cycle Oregon. We are past the half way point. A lot has happened but I look forward for what is yet to come. 

Until then….

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