Tuesday, May 3, 2016

We made it to Gili...

The vacation life it terrific but it's not helping stay in shape. Beer, food, pool, repeat. I'm still trying to get my daily exercise and since we had to leave for Gili Trawangan at 730 I decided to get a Nike Training Club routine in before we left. 
All of the hotel staff was getting ready for the day and I can only imagine what they were thinking seeing the old, flabby American jumping, sweating and groaning in the fitness center all by himself. 

I quckly showered so I could get to the taxi that will take us to the dock on time. Big mistake with the quick shower as it didn't take and I was dripping in sweat before I even got downstairs. Again, I can only imagine the wonderful impression I made with the staff. Oh well, I'm used to that already over here. 

We caught a "Fast Boat" from Bali to Gili as that is much faster than the ferry. It was a wonderful 2 hour ride. 
The island of Gili Trawangan is the biggest and busiest of the three. Marv says the growth has exploded the last five years. Even so, there are no motorized vehicles allowed so it still has that village feel. It's interesting, whether cars and scooters like in Bali or horses and bikes in Gili, traffic is still a problem over here. Fortunately everyone is on island time so there is no road rage. 
We arrived at Marvs villa to drop off our suit cases and what a beautiful place it is.  He has a piece of heaven here complete with outdoor showers, beautiful rooms and a pool. I feel I like I'm visiting Tony Montana!  Here's Jenna and Cheryl in the pool. I will be joining them shortly but need to get a cocktail first. 
Next it was time to go exploring. We hopped on a couple cruisers and off we went. We did well to avoid any conflict with the horse trailers and found a nice spot to enjoy the sunset. I'm not a big barefoot guy but I figure "when in Gili..."
We met up with Marvs business partner Simon and some of his dive shop managers for dinner. Great people and delicious food. I don't think the NTC workout burned enough energy and I'm definitely a net positive in calories today!  Oh well, such is life.  I'm not too worried about it. 

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  1. I feel like I am there by reading your blog. Great to hear all is going well and you are finding time to workout. Love the NTC app. We miss you. Missy Moss