Friday, May 20, 2016

Back to Bali

We have finished the second leg of our adventure at Gili Trawangan and of course the trip back to Bali was not nearly as good as the trip over. There is always the depression of leaving all the fun and relaxation(?), but it didn't help that we were all moving a little slow from the dive master party the night before.  I must have got some bad booze because I didn't feel all that chipper the next morning. I can't imagine that it could have been the fact that we were drinking Gordon's Gin all night. 

In describing our Gili experience, I deeply contemplated how to accurately and succinctly sum up our trip and I decided to do it through the use of photos. As they say, a picture speaks 1000 words and these before and after shots taken on the boat to and from Bali don't just speak, they scream at least 2000 words. See if you can guess which is the before and which is the after. 
Editors Note - I received permission from the subject to post these photos. 

To add insult to injury, we drove through a torrential downpour on the water so all 26 of the passengers on the boat were crammed inside the tiny cabin (as opposed to sitting up top) with no ventilation, 90 degree temperature, 100% humidity and with the stereotypical baby crying in the seat next to mine (I'm totally serious). I have a new appreciation for what my immigrant ancestors experienced when coming to America. I did however, get some enjoyment watching the Indonesian version of Caddyshack on a VCR (yes, VCR) they had playing which I doubt my ancestors had on the Mayflower. 

Since we were so spoiled staying in Marvs villa with the spacious rooms and private pool we decided that since we were on vacation, basic hotels were for peasants and we needed another villa.  We were able to snag a beautiful place in Bali for $2.4 million Rupiah per night.  Now before you freak out on the price, keep in mind I get at least 1 million Rupiah every time I hit the ATM here and with my ATM limit, we can all agree it's not much money. 
The reality is that split three ways, it came to about $62 bucks per room. A terrific deal! 
That price includes a chef that comes in each morning to cook breakfast.  Back home I'm super psyched when the room cost includes breakfast in the lobby with powdered eggs, mystery meat sausage and muffins made by Sara Lee.
Our one day in Bali was spent furniture shopping. Furniture shopping you ask? Yes I say. You see, Marv and his friends Patrick and Mariah are both looking for furniture so we hit the furniture section of town. It was a terrific way to spend a few hours. The shops were really cool (as in interesting not temperature!) and the furniture is not only beautiful, it is very inexpensive. Even with shipping, when one considers the quality and uniqueness of the designs, the deals are incredible. 
Of course furniture shopping really works up a thirst so by about 2:30 pm we were craving a Bintang beer and a swim in the pool. 

As is typical with this trip, there is a new experience around every corner.  Tonight's events include drinks at the "Rock Bar" at the Ayana Resort, followed by dinner on the beach at the local fish market. 

The Ayana Resort is a former Ritz Carlton resort and has a famous bar called the Rock Bar that is carved into the rocks (go figure!) and right on the water. It was truly spectacular. ( Of course the drinks weren't cheap but hey I'll just grab another million from the ATM!
Once the sun set, the attraction of the Rock Bar and expensive drinks wore off and besides, I was afraid First Tech might give the ol' no go on another million so we moved on. We headed to the beach fish market where you literally pick out the fish you want to eat from a variety of vendors and they immediately cook it for you, then deliver it to your table on the beach. I was not exaggerating when I said "on the beach."  A couple of tables were closer to the ocean than ours and the tide actually flowed under their table and soaked their feet. No worries from anyone here as you remember, me and my Indonesian pals all wear flip flops. My feet are actually in the sand in this picture. 
Bali was a lot of fun for the second time, but now it's time to get on the plane and head to the long awaited (or feared) trip out to the boat in Komodo!  


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