Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Public Service Announcement - Due to an increase in Gili activities, today's update has been delayed......

Got up early to beat the heat and get a run in this morning and actually get a negative calorie count for the day (mission impossible). Got dressed and ready to go and found this....
Ugh!  I just charged it so I think my battery is gone. With no cell serivce to use Spodify I contemplated the unthinkable. Running without music.  I needed to decide quickly because the temperature was rising minute by minute. I hoped that the beautiful scenery would take my mind off how tired I would be so I took the gamble....and lost. Between the heat and humidity and no music, I was a dead man running. Oh well, I got a few miles in and called it good. So much for a negative calorie count. 

After the ceremonial shower (I say that because I was covered in sweat again in 10 minutes) we hopped on the bikes for a ride to breakfast. Gamble number two today with the mobile selfie with Marv. 
It was a combination of play and relaxation on the island today. When I say relaxation I mean relaxation. Cheryl, Jenna and Marv all took advantage of the $12 one hour massages. I wondered how good they were and as I noticed Cheryl could not walk straight and slurred her words for a couple minutes afterwards I figured they were pretty good. 
Next was the play. We headed out in the water for some paddle boarding. Being near the water for a few weeks I decided I needed a water proof case to take with me. So I purchased one, loaded it up and took with us on the paddle board. Gamble number three!  Worked great and got a picture of Jenna and one of Cheryl snorkeling the easy way (still recovering from the massage I guess).
As we were finishing up the paddle board trip and coming into shore a bunch of young naked local boys came running out to the paddle board and completely over took it and started jumping all over the board and Cheryl. It's official we are now in a different culture. 
After the busy afternoon we sat for lunch near the water. Gamble number four paid off..... a royal flush!!!
Big day tomorrow, our first diving lesson!!

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