Monday, May 2, 2016

Let's celebrate with a beer!

After not sleeping in a bed for 48 hours (I made that up cuz I've lost all track of time) we all completely crashed. We woke up with lots of energy to see what Bali had to offer. Cheryl even hit the fitness center. When I asked how she was doing she said "great, I've never run this fast before" then the sad reality set in that the treadmills speed was in kilometers and not mph. Damn metric system. 

Today was shopping day. Though there are shops every 10 feet in Bali, we wanted the more upscale "knock offs" so we took a cab across town. Cheryl and Jenna did the shopping and Marv and I did the following. Our criteria for the best store was how comfortable the seats were and how well the air conditioning worked. 

We also got a chance to "walk amongst the people" and see Bali up close. There are a lot of nice people and interesting architecture. I got a chance to see a building renovation happening real time. Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) for these men, there are no OSHA inspectors in Bali.
Not sure how it happened, but after a couple hours of shopping, it occurred to us that Cheryl and Jenna did not actually buy anything so we celebrated by having a beer. 
It was then on to doing what we came here to do and that was to do nothing. So Cheryl, Jenna and I hit the pool while Marv got a massage. Cheryl said she was especially sore from the shopping and wanted one too but they were booked. I guess it will have to wait. Only 19 days left (I love saying that!). They have a great pool on the 4th floor that we all enjoyed. So we celebrated with a beer. 
After a while of relaxing we decided to hit the beach.  David and Dini were going to join us and asked if we wanted a ride. Of course I said yes until they mentioned it was on the back of a scooter with one of his workers (he owns a T shirt printing business and were just closing up). Oh well, I didn't want to back out and I didn't feel like walking either so I hopped on.  Cheryl, Jenna and Marv got drivers too!  If you don't know much about Bali, one thing I can tell you is that traffic control is non existent and it is a free for all. Cars and scooters going everywhere with no regard for lines or signs. It was fine and even fun to watch when we were in a car but now I was in a scooter driven by a 15 year old kid I had never met!  Glad my will is up to date. 
I know what your thinking, "why are you taking a picture instead of holding on?"  My answer? "Because I'm an idiot!"  Somehow we made it to the beach safely so we celebrated with a beer. 
Found a great place called Sand Beach Bar and Grill with bean bag chairs and live music on the beach. It was amazing. We spent the rest of the night walking the streets enjoying Bali. We hit the sack early because we leave bright and early for the Gili Islands tomorrow!

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