Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hoopfest Weekend

Hoopfest is a crazy time. A couple days filled with friends, family, basketball and or course beer (remember this is the Winkler family).  Many traditions have developed over the years and one in particular has become extremely popular.  Beer tasting competition.  This year there were 23 entries which made for an interesting event.  It gets a little wild after about 15 tastes.  The winner you ask?  The tasters of course.  Oh in terms of which beer won?  The gold medal went to........ a Canadian beer, Sleeman Honey Brown Lager

As if tasting 23 beers wasn't fun enough, my wife and kids surprised Greg and I with some amazing gear for our trip.  Below was a jersey we received.  We'll be riding billboards! 

Of course there was some basketball played and of the five teams we had participate, two won their bracket and one got second.  Overall a pretty good showing considering there was beer tasting the night before.  Here's a picture of one of the winning teams (Ryan, Nick, Jeff and Kyle).

Its funny that my intent was for this to be a blog about me getting prepared for my long tour from Washington to San Francisco, but it's more about all the partying I do!  Now that Hoopfest is over, I will get some riding in.  Tomorrow I'm back on the Centennial Trail hopefully getting about 70 miles in.  We'll see how it goes......


  1. We had a great time as always! Thanks again for the hospitality and good luck on your trip!

    1. Thanks for the comment Tyler. There is someone out there!! Thank you for joining us. Always a great time.