Sunday, June 9, 2013

Eventful Sunday Ride

I had a rear tire flat at the end of my ride last week and fixed it with no problem. When I went to ride Saturday the tire was flat again indicating a slow leak. So I check the tire again for any sharp objects and didn't find any so I changed the tire AGAIN and half way down the block the tire was flat!!!!  So I said enough of this so I cancelled my Sat ride and went to Performance for a new tire. I like gator skins because I hate flats!  The salesman talked me into the new type that have Kevlar instead of wire in the rim because he said they were easier to change (and $15 more per tire or course) so I got them. Well they weren't easier to change (possible I might be doing something wrong, just possible). So I finally got the tire changed and took off early Sunday for a long ride to Salem and back. It was an absolutely gorgeous day for a ride. I saw some nice back country and even made friends with some cows.

After lunch in Lafayette I was on the last 30 miles for a century and feeling pretty good. At mile 76 I heard a loud pop and my dang rear tire blew out. So much for the new Kevlar Gator skins. I'm going to look for my money back at Performance. Fortunately for me I have an awesome wife who drove to Newberg to pick me up.  

I still had a very nice ride, I just didnt get my 100 miles.  Here is what I completed before the blowout. Beaverton to Salem route 

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