Saturday, June 15, 2013

Different Kind of Training This Weekend

The biking excursion is less than a month away and one would think that I would be in major training mode. Hmmm those who think that don't know me well. Yes I love to exercise but also love to have fun. So what am I doing this weekend?  Vegas with the family baby!  My youngest daughters turned 21 in January so all 7 of us are of legal drinking age (Dang, I'm 2.5 times legal drinking age!) so we decided to hit Vegas.  The first night was as you would expect, a late night filled with fun on The Strip.

Today is lay by the pool at the MGM Grand!

Though on vacation, I do need to get my workout in so we found Shawn T on YouTube kept on schedule creating my beach body. I wonder what the people below us thought we were doing. 

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