Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Keeping Dry

I finally got around to taking my blown tire back to Performance and I was all fired up ready for the battle over the refund.  Well, they quickly doused the fire by profusely apologizing, giving me a new tire and tube (wow!).  I also took this opportunity to return the Kevlar tires that I'm not smart enough to use and went back to the old school of wire rims which a 5th grader can put on (including me). 

So that got me excited to go for a ride today.  Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and since I am a fair weather rider, I decided to go indoors and rode for 2 hours at the gym (see below).  I must say, I got an excellent workout.  I stumbled on a show called Fast and Loud and they sucked me in with the rebuild of a wrecked 1991 Ferrari F40 which sold for $900,000 after they finished it (that's the same as 1456 Dodge Stratuses).  It wasn't great TV, but it certainly beats Are You Smarter than 5th Grader (which I am not re: Kevlar tire installation)

The other big news (not that riding indoors watching Fast and Loud is real big) is that I got a MOTA battery case for my iPhone for Fathers Day (see below).  It will provide extra battery power when I am using my GPS on long rides.  This thing is AWESOME.  You charge it up and turn it off and then put your phone in it.  When your phone runs low on power you turn on the case and it charges your phone back up.  Very, very cool and it is about the size of a case for you phone.  For more info check out their website MOTA

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