Friday, March 23, 2018

Let's do this - Amsterdam or Bust!

Let's do this!

Another Winkler adventure is about to commence.  This time Cheryl and I will be heading to Amsterdam.  Yep that is not a misprint.  I have accepted a 2 year expat assignment to manage services for Europe.  We are selling the house, cars, motorcycle, kids (wait check that), storing a few irreplaceables and discarding everything else.  A possession cleansing.  We will be heading over for a “familiarization” trip March 24 – April 4.    We then come home for a few weeks and then I will head out on my own until Cheryl comes to join me in early June.  I can hardly believe at our age (you’ll have to guess) we are actually going through with this.  But the timing is perfect and we both agree we cannot pass on the opportunity.

As with our previous two major adventures, I thought I would try out my blogging skills once more.  This will be slightly different in that I will likely not blog every day.  Though I would like to think something exciting or interesting would happen every day, Once settled, we will establish a routine and there is no reason to blog about my email inbox at work or come home and take pictures of dinner.  But I know there will be many interesting events that we will struggle with and enjoy as we live the next two years in Europe.  So here we go!

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