Saturday, March 24, 2018

Bacon in Business Class

We left Kyle’s 30th birthday gathering in Manzanita Oregon to drive to the airport to make our 1:26 PM flight on Delta.   Cheryl and I feel so fortunate to be able to fly business class for this nonstop flight to Amsterdam.  We even got membership into the Delta Sky Club.  Feelin’ like a big deal!  They have beverages and finger foods for us to enjoy before boarding.  I put the condiments (including bacon) into my tomato bisque soup and Cheryl reminded me that those condiments were for the Mac – n – Cheese.  OK, maybe I’m not a big deal. 

We boarded the plane and were treated very well with hot towels, great food and even ice cream sundaes.  We tried to get some sleep to help with the jet lag, but we were having too much fun pushing all the buttons and eating the food!  How often will I ever fly business class?  I need to enjoy this!

We arrived at the W Amsterdam Hotel which will be our home for the next 10 days.  We figured we would actually take the time to put our clothes in the drawers!  Feels just like home except this room is  literally 150 square feet.  No worries, we aren’t supposed to stay here when we have Amsterdam to explore!  No complaints about our view from the room though.  Feels like Amsterdam! (though at this point I’m guessing what that is.)

The first day was spent walking the street trying not to get run over by the thousands of bike riders, scooters, buses, trains or people.  It’s a free for all!  

Of course, we couldn’t wait 24 hours before hitting the famous “red light district.”  It was Sunday night and it was more mellow than usual, and though many of the “red lights” were off, we did see some interesting stores and merchandise.  

Our plan for this trip is for me to work this week to begin my transition and meet the WD+C EMEA team.  Cheryl and I will then do some exploring at night.  The rest of the time we will spend finding a place to live and learning about the area.  Plan set, now let’s see if we can execute!

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