The Journey

So why ride 1000 miles?
I work for Intel Corporation and one of their best benefits is an 8 week sabbatical every 7 years.  Intel is a demanding company and the sabbatical is designed to be a time to forget about work and recharge your batteries.  8 weeks of between school summer vacations and retirement is a very unique opportunity so I want to do something memorable.  Month in Europe? (Nope, kids in college and I'm broke).  Climb Everest? (Nada, I'm too much of a wuss).  Since I enjoy riding my bike I decided on a long bike ride.  I'm a pretty simple minded guy and it's not any more complicated than that.  As for how long is long, 1000 miles seemed like a nice number.  Since I turn 50 this year some have suggested its a mid life crisis thing.  Seriously?  If that's the case I'd just buy a red convertable sports car (wait, there's that money thing again).  OK maybe it is a mid life crisis. 

The next decision was who is dumb enough to ride with me?  It is complicated by trying to find someone who has the time to take (and if they had the time are they dumb enough to spend it riding 1000 miles!).  My good friend Greg works for a government contractor and with the budget cuts, they asked all employees to take 6 weeks off.  He had tons of vacation time (which he was allowed to take) so I bought him a few glasses of wine and when the moment was right baited him into joining me. The perfect plan, executed perfectly!

OK, I'm in and Greg is in.  The next decision is logistics.  Will we camp (absolutely not!!!)  I guess we will got hotel to hotel.  I do have an RV that would be perfect, but it's tough to ride a bike and drive an RV at the same time.  hmmmmm.  This is where my wonderful wife Cheryl comes in.  She is a good cyclist in her own right (has done Seattle to Portland) but wasn't too excited about 1000 miles (I screwed up by not buying her a few glasses of wine before I asked her.)  But she wanted to be involved and volunteered to drive the RV and accompany us on the trip.  How great is that!

So there it is, 3 people, 2 bikes and an RV and 1000 miles of road...... let the journey begin!

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  1. Good luck on your trip, Chris and Greg! Vickiy and I are heading out this Friday, July 5, on our own road trip to San Francisco, but we planned it without the benefit of alcohol and are doing it by car. We are hoping Cheryl encourages the two of you to ride like the wind and get to San Francisco by July 16/17 where we can all get together to celebrate your successful ride. John VB.